Battle of the dead wife

"That's right," Tiki said with a wry smile. "That's why I said those millions of people were doomed. Although the power

"That's right," Tiki said with a wry smile. "That's why I said those millions of people were doomed. Although the power of the rules I understand also has some purifying power, it is a drop in the bucket compared with the speed of the generation of dirty gas. The foul air, in the final analysis, is formed by death and resentment. Guan Guan's first reaction was to purify, but he suddenly moved and released Otto directly from the soul jade world. Seeing him appear, Tiki God Emperor almost subconsciously destroyed people. …… Otto? When she came to her senses and saw the other's eyes, she realized that she was wrong. Otto nodded. "I'm sorry, Your Majesty, that my negligence has brought such a disaster to Tolman." "What the hell is going on?" Tiki God Emperor broke down a little. Otto explained, "I was separated from my original spirit before, and if I hadn't been lucky enough to meet Guan Guan, I would have been scared out of my wits.". And Tolman's present Otto is just a form demon who takes advantage of the situation. Tiki had a headache. "Then you should have a solution, right?"? The guy caught me off guard at first, and then he stayed in his body and refused to come out. Otto naturally knew what the solution was. He turned to Guan Guan and said, "If I fail, I'll trouble you to clean up the mess." He was confident in himself, but the form had devoured millions of lives, and no one knew how strong he was now. In this way, he naturally has to leave a way out for himself. Without hesitation, Guan Guan nodded and said, "But I hope you can come back by yourself." In fact,Nail machine supplier, she had come up with a way to deal with the fallen spirits, but she didn't want to use it if she could. Chapter 332 threats. Otto has said more than once how magnificent his body is, and Guan Guan has never questioned it. After all, it is magma, and the momentum will not be small. However, Rao had all kinds of imagination, and when she really saw it, she couldn't help but be shocked. These It's not all your body,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, is it? Guan Guan gaped at the one in front of him. In fact, she did not know what unit to use to describe the magma, the eyes are black and red ocean, black boulders stand in it, above is a house. If I'm right, I'm afraid half of the planet is covered by this magma ocean. When Otto heard this, he could not help showing his pride. "My body occupies half of the main star of Tolman, and the citizens of Tolman live on my body.". There is no road or boat within my body. Tolman people often come and go directly through the water, and the rock torrent can improve the constitution of the living beings in all aspects. So over time, the Tolman's constitution is far stronger than the other planes. Wading through the water? Guan Guan's eyes widened with some shock. To know that Otto's body is magma, even if it becomes Lingbao, it can not change its nature, but now tell him that Tolman people walk in magma all the year round? For God level above, this is naturally nothing, but listen to Otto's meaning, it is obvious that ordinary people, Nail production machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, is no exception. In this way, she really felt what a fighting nation was. Emperor Tiki's expression was somewhat bad, and he said to Otto in a deep voice, "Since a few years ago, the rock torrent has lost its original efficacy.". Not only that, but it was only later that I learned that when people walk through the rock torrent all the year round, not only can they no longer get benefits, but on the contrary, their soul power will be extracted bit by bit. "I found out too late," she said with a cold face. "Although God and above are not affected, Tolman's younger generation has suffered heavy losses." On the surface, there is nothing to see about the extraction of soul power, but people's concentration and concentration will be greatly weakened, and their energy will be greatly reduced, resulting in symptoms of sleepiness. It seems that talent has not been affected, but in fact, it is equivalent to part of the time in life has been stolen, and the efficiency of practice has been greatly reduced. This is something more serious than the loss of talent. After all, there may not be many elixirs that can improve talent, but they are not without, but they want to replenish their soul power. Except for some devious ways, there is still endless trouble, and the orthodox practitioners are helpless to deal with it. Otto's expression suddenly became ugly. Just then, the rock torrent suddenly surged up. Otto lowered his face and said, "I sensed the other side." The next moment, he turned into a ray of light and got into the torrent of rocks. Tiki God had spoken coldly to Otto before, but when he disappeared in front of him, he couldn't help looking worried. Guan Guan and Fan are calm, the look has not changed at all. After waiting for two days and two nights, Guan Guan began to worry. Countless clouds in the sky, Guan Guan and Fan have raised their heads, intuition that something is going to happen. Sure enough, the torrent of rocks rolled more and more violently, and from time to time black and red emerged, and the precious light of Otto's spirit and the foul air were entangled and fought together. Thought that the outcome will be decided, do not want the next moment, two giants suddenly appeared in the rock torrent. Who is it if not Otto and the other shapeless one who looks exactly like him? Only Guan Guan frowned slightly, "this form demon." So strong! Fan Du also found out, "Otto may lose." Hearing this, Emperor Tiki had already condensed a long sword made of ice water chestnut in his hand, and apparently he wanted to intervene. Guan Guan hurriedly stopped her and said, "Wait." Tiki God looked at her with disapproval in his eyes. Guan Guan explained, "Look carefully at the feet of those two men." Emperor Tiki squinted, and the next moment his face turned black. "It's so mean!" But the shape of the demon is afraid of Tiqi God emperor intervention, ready to find a shield at any time, as long as Tiqi God emperor shot, no matter who the attack is, finally can only go to the rock torrent. Who lets the rock torrent still be in his control now? A God emperor, do not want to be so strangled by the lifeblood can not move,Coil nail machine, how she is not angry, how not angry? Noticing that the air was suddenly sticky and hot, Guan Guan lowered his eyes as if he didn't know.


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