The rise of Man Jiang Hong

After Guan Mingtang retired, Chen Moran, who was sitting alone in his office, smiled and sighed helplessly. Some things

After Guan Mingtang retired, Chen Moran, who was sitting alone in his office, smiled and sighed helplessly. Some things were always hard for outsiders to understand. When he made his decision before, Guan Mingtang thought he was partial to the navy, but he didn't know that perhaps, in the next war, it was the navy that decided the fate of China. In this case, how could he not be partial? Who can understand the future? Thinking of the future, Chen Moran thought of another thing, one thing, today is the visit day of the palace, a group of scholars were invited to visit the palace, perhaps, I should go to see these scholars, 25 years later, they will become the backbone of the country. Thinking about it, Chen ran out of the office and went down the stairs to the garden behind him. My name is Liu Zinian. I am in the fifth grade of the National School in Xinxing District, Nanjing. Your Highness! Liu Zinian, who was about the same age as his younger brother, was neither humble nor pushy when he answered himself, but he also had some feelings for the boy. Even in the school of Royal Bie yuan, those classmates could not help showing humility in front of her. When the princess looked at herself,Nail machine supplier, Liu Zinian also looked at the princess, well, the dress on her body was no different from that of a rich family, and then went to the crown prince who was talking with his classmates in the distance, but the crown prince was wearing a military uniform, looking like an adult, some of them. He felt that the princess in front of him was closer. You don't seem very interested in the palace? Perhaps he had noticed before that he seldom wondered about every place in the palace like other people, so Chen Qin asked tentatively. It's nothing more than a person's house, but there's a "royal" hanging on it. " Far away to listen to the words of the young son,Automatic nail machine, Chen Mo ran is in the heart of a joy, this son, not old, the words are, motioned to the side of the officials and attendants do not want to inform, Chen Mo ran went straight past. Although it was a child's mind, Liu Zinian knew that the one in front of him was a princess anyway, so he quickly changed his tune. Just like the book, the mountain is not high, the immortal is famous, the water is not deep, the dragon is spiritual! So "So it's the people here who deserve it?" Chen Qin felt uncomfortable when she was passing the words. If that was the case, what was the difference between the palace and the zoo? Just as she was about to open her mouth to refute, she heard a flurry of salutes around her. When she looked back, she saw her father coming with a smile on his face. Unlike usual, her father was wearing a suit today. I've seen your Majesty! Most of the young people who were visiting the palace could not suppress the excitement on their faces at this time. When they came, wire nail making machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, this time they could see the emperor when they visited the palace, which was enough for them to show off to others for a lifetime. No courtesy! After simply chatting with a few teenagers, Chen Moran walked over to the teenager who had talked to him before. What's your name While looking at the young man, Chen Mo ran's heart was moving with a familiar look in his appearance. Back to Your Majesty, my name is Liu Zinian! Liu Zinian! !# Chapter 61 good and bad. Chapter 61 good and bad. The fate of life always shows its dramatic side, Liu Zinian is no exception, and even seems to be more ups and downs than the average person. Afternoon, palace study. This is not the first time that Liu Zi read here, in fact, before they came to visit the palace, Liu Zi read had visited the palace study, but at that time the world of books stood a few guards, he could not touch those books, although in his home there is also a study with many books, but there are not many books here, and most of the books are He couldn't see it at home, so he wanted to turn out some books and read them. Once again, Liu Zinian came to the world of books. Unlike the last time, the owner of the study was staring at him with interest. Chen Moran did not sit down, but paced calmly and leisurely. At the same time, he looked at Liu Zinian in a serious way. Seeing that he seemed interested in his book, he asked. "Zinian, do you like reading very much?" When talking to him, Chen Moran tried to make his voice closer. From the first sight of him, he knew who he was. He was Jingxuan's son, as well as his own son. Looking at Liu Zinian, although it seems that he and himself have some imagination, but he is more like his mother, especially his manner, very much like Liu Jingxuan, for Liu Jingxuan, Chen Moran's heart has been hiding the meaning of guilt, if possible, he hopes he can give her compensation, but, many times, always contrary to his wishes. Despite knowing that she had given birth to a son for herself, Chen Moran thought from the future that they would meet under such circumstances. Although not involved in their lives, but for them, Chen Moran has always been very concerned about, and Liu Jingxuan even thought that he was in the stock, has not known, but how can he not know, just have been pretending not to know. Think of the previous asked Liu Zinian his father, Liu Zinian look relaxed answer "his father is dead", that sentence straight choked Chen Mo ran a long time can not speak, Jingxuan still hate themselves ah. She.. You should hate yourself. Uh "Have you ever thought about why you want to learn these things?" Raising a hand and pointing to the books around him, Chen asked with a smile on his face. And for what? Yeah! And for what? Liu Zinian thought about it, at this time your majesty gave Liu Zinian a feeling, he is like a prophet, can penetrate his heart. Liu Zinian thought for a long time before he said. To satisfy my thirst for knowledge! "Oh!" Chen Moran was surprised by his answer. He stopped and took a look at Liu Zinian,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, who was only nine years old. He gently dialed the neat spine of the book on the bookcase with his hand, hesitated for a moment, and then said. What is the purpose of satisfying your desire for knowledge? "To meet the needs of my life!" 。


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