Shadow 380,000: 17 Level Hanging Spirit Hurricane Attacks

I know what Lin Wen said. With the help of a hint, the minerals on the moon will fly 380,000 kilometers to the earth one by one.

I know what Lin Wen said. With the help of a hint, the minerals on the moon will fly 380,000 kilometers to the earth one by one. Even if only five pieces of helium-3 ore are moved every day, the energy extracted will be equal to the oil production of a country in the Middle East for ten days and a half months. A young man pushed the door and ran to Lin Wen and whispered a few words. The boss has come back, and he must not think that we have succeeded. Lin Wen said to us, "I'm going out to meet you, and you can come with me." Since he said so, I had to follow him to meet this one. When I went down to the first floor and was about to go out, I suddenly felt that someone was missing. Looking back, I saw Kou Yun running to the door of the inner hall. I was stunned and realized that the little girl could not help but go to the family reunion. At this time to pull her is too late, recalled the pre-discussed her identity after the exposure of the speech, calculation of the possible chain reaction, gently sighed, to keep up with Lin Wen and Xiahou Ying. The earth shook again. There was a shadow in my heart, and I had a bad feeling. Walking out of the door, there is an open space not far away. The stone was still placed safely in the middle of the open space. It has been nearly a week since I got out of trouble, and the police have already announced a commendation for me, a meritorious person who assisted in the case. All of a sudden, in the media circle in Shanghai, I changed my appearance from a murderer who was much talked about to a legendary figure who was brave and resourceful. With a stroke of his pen, the leader quickly removed my file,Prison toilet for sale, which had already entered the dismissal procedure, from the personnel department, and counted the two months that I had not gone to work before as paid leave. I haven't officially gone to work yet, so I asked for a week's extended vacation and came to Hunan. With the memory of the last time, I set out from Wangjiasha Village and walked alone to Koujia Village. To be honest, it's a little dangerous. I'm likely to get lost in the mountains. Even if I have a compass, it will be very troublesome. And in the primeval forest, there are beasts of prey. It's just that I can't be reconciled if I don't take this trip. I think if anyone of the Kou family had survived the disaster,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, they would have returned to their Taoyuan village. I stared at the boulder in a daze. The last time I came here, Kou Yun and I were the only two people in the village, and there were a few sobbing local dogs. I already felt lonely. But now, Kou Yun is gone, and the local dogs are gone. I am the only living person in this Kou village. Surrounded by a small lake like Jasper, this small village in the mountains has become a tomb in my heart. I wanted to erect an empty grave and erect a tombstone, but soon I stopped. For one thing, I don't know the names of anyone except Kou Yun and Kou Feng, and for another, there is always a glimmer of hope in my heart. Standing by the lake, staring at his own reflection. His beard was stubble, his T-shirt was tightly stuck to his body by sweat, and his face and hands were covered with gray and black stains, which was very embarrassing. When he wanted to go back to Kou Yun's cabin to get water to wash his face, Flush valve price ,Flushometer valve, he took off his shoes and jumped into the cold lake with a splash of his clothes. The cold liquid wrapped the whole body, the pores opened in an instant, and the heaviness of the heart felt better under the stimulation of this moment. However, there were still many bruises on his body that had not recovered. After trudging for most of the day, he was stimulated by the lake and suddenly became sore. At this time, I had a little illusion, as if I had returned to the moment of life and death. The skeleton of the whole body seems to be scattered, sore and swollen, I do not know if there is a fracture, the head is also dazed. Fortunately, the sea water rushed straight in through the open window and flooded my ears, eyes, mouth and nose. Besides the pain, it also cleared my mind. The Hummer seemed to have been hit by a train, washed back by the huge waves, rolled over several times, and made a close contact with several trees. When it gradually eased down, the sea water had almost filled the whole body. I felt like I was being held by a giant in my hands and thrown dozens of times. My sober mind was the source of pain, and I felt my stomach juice rushing into my head. The body's natural protective mechanism should have made a person faint to death in this situation, but I knew that there was absolutely no chance to wake up again, although I did not know whether the thing that kept a line of Pure Brightness was still on my neck, but I held on to it. When the vibration of the car body gradually stopped, I only had half a breath left, and my eyes, which were forced to open, were like being filled with pepper water under the stimulation of the sea water, and I could not control them to narrow into a line. Vaguely saw some of the situation in the car, found that the side should be the same as me, but also hit each other many times Xiahou baby, actually trying to open her side of the door, can not help but admire her toughness. But it seems that the car door on her side was dented and could not be opened for a while. Thirteen, shock (5) I was busy trying the door on this side. Fortunately, I pushed it open with a few strokes. Speaking of it, the car is still only slightly deformed. It's really strong. When I was half climbing and half swimming to squeeze out of the car, I didn't forget to pull Xiahou Ying. When I took my first breath of air on the surface of the sea, it felt like a rebirth. The most ferocious wave has passed, by this time the next island has been completely submerged, Xiahou Ying and I swam to a tree that was uprooted, struggling to climb up, panting like a dead dog. After a few breaths, he heard someone calling for help and looked over there. It was Lin Wen. Previously, when he escaped from the Humvee, he couldn't open his eyes and didn't care to look at his life in the driver's seat in front of him. The old boy's life was really big. But he can float to the surface of the sea is the limit, the left forearm and ribs seem to have fractures, see us not far away, it is difficult to swim over. I swam to bring him over, but he pointed in a direction and asked me to swim to see. There's a boat over there. He said A boat? I looked around. Didn't you see it? Lin Wen did not know whether it was the sea or the sweat from the pain on his face. He could not speak for a moment. He just lifted his horse and motioned me to swim over to see. Thinking how he could not hurt me at this time,Self-closing Faucet, the place was not far away, so he had to cheer up, squeeze out his strength and swim over. I didn't realize that there was really a boat until I swam to the front.


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