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A group of bodyguards who followed him also changed into casual clothes,

A group of bodyguards who followed him also changed into casual clothes, but there was still a fierce and tough body shape that could not be concealed. Liang Gang didn't say anything at first, but all he could think about was the series of numbers on the memorial. For the Red Turban Army who won the treasure house of Heshen, there will never be the possibility of lack of money again. Although the treasure worth hundreds of millions of yuan had not yet been shipped back to the south, Liang Gang had already put it on his account book, at the first moment of being protected by Beijing. Money on the Red Turban Army no longer need to consider saving, and Shen is really rich, his hidden treasure house can absolutely let Liang Gang experience the feeling of Jiaqing full in the original time and space of history. So now all he needs to think about is how to quickly turn tens of thousands of recruits into combat troops. Liang Gang can do the best in terms of hard conditions. After the recruits join the army, the food is guaranteed, the silver is guaranteed, and the weapons are guaranteed. Liang Gang has now built three new arsenals in Nanjing, all of which produce muskets. After all, now that muskets have spread all over China, technology has no hidden value at all. On the contrary, the casting of cannons and the Chinese style must continue to be kept secret. Liang Gang is ready to move the three groups in the city, the musket group, except for the Chinese type of musket-related all move out, they can only move in the future. The gunpowder team should not be kept too secret, but the rest of the gun-casting team and the Chinese musket team need to choose another secret location. Liang Gang is looking for a place, once determined, after the completion of the infrastructure,Agate Slabs Countertops, immediately began to move. The territory occupied by Mancheng in Nanjing is too large, and the transportation teams coming and going also have a great impact on the development of Nanjing. After the consolidation of power, Liang Gang has considered other things. But the work of the army is not feasible on one leg, just like the army during the war of liberation. Both hard and soft, both hands must be grasped, both hands must be hard. After the hardware is configured for him, the software must keep up with it. Fortunately, in the current period,white marble slabs, there is no need to pay too much attention to the political and ideological fields. We only need officers with qualified candidates, and after a few battles, it will be a real army. In other words, how is the Military Academy now? Liang Gang asked. King Hui, the Military Academy is now divided into two schools, with 732 students and 89 lecturers. Peng Tai opened his mouth and answered, apparently knowing the basic information like the palm of his hand and memorizing it by heart. But in fact, Peng Tai is like a hot potato and wants to throw it away immediately. As a courtier, if you want to live a stable life, it is the most important character not to monopolize power and arouse suspicion. Peng Tai himself is already the head of the General Staff Department in power, and now he still controls the military Academy, which is too eye-catching in his own eyes. All along, Peng Tai has the pain of being roasted on the fire by the beam frame. The teachers and students of the Military Academy are all the essence of the Red Turban Army. Aiqing should handle it well. The Military Academy has two courtyards, which can also be said to be two classes. The senior class is to train senior military officers at the battalion and regiment level, white marble mosaic ,Agate Stone Price, while the junior class is to train middle-level military officers at the brigade and squadron level. As for the next level of detachments and team leaders, Liang Gang is already preparing for another primary military Academy, and also requires each regiment to organize a military exercise hall, the main target of training is low-level officers. I obey the decree. Volume II Chapter 374 Martial Arts Hall-Land and Water Struggle Chapter 374 Martial Arts Hall-Land and Water Struggle In fact, the establishment of a military Academy can not only systematically train officers at all levels, but also play an important role in releasing power. If someone goes to the military Academy, the military power will naturally be cut. After all, the Red Turban Army now has a lot of generals leading the old troops. However, the mode of war has changed to the era of hot weapons, Liang Gang holds the most elite troops in his hands, holding all the arsenals, and he is wary of those who led the old army. As long as they do not procrastinate on the service of those people on the line, why more trouble, cut the power of others, chaos of other people's soldiers, but also from the hearts of others. Liang Gang himself is a nostalgic and very humane person, you do not lose me, I will not lose you! It is likely that there is still a little gap from this, but he will never be able to kill a donkey by burning a bridge across the river. In the present military Academy, there are indeed several generals who were appointed by Liang Gang to be transferred to the capital. But absolutely different from cutting power, Liang Gang transferred them, the bigger reason is to look at them. For example, Wu Zhiyong, the general of the sixth battalion of the Navy, served as the deputy battalion commander of the Marine Battalion. At the beginning of the sea altar strategy, Wu Zhiyong but also made a contribution, led the troops to take the outpost island. On the whole, it may not be outstanding, but because it was the first shot, Liang Gang remembered him. The expansion of the army needs to be filled by officers drawn from various departments. He was one of the people Liang Gang thought of. Marine battalion deputy commander, with Wu Zhiyong's courage and resourcefulness, the first battalion commander is obviously competent. Therefore, Liang Gang appointed him into the military Academy, after plating a layer of gold, also incidentally familiar with the situation of land warfare in the future, after the New Year can be put into the army. From the navy to the army, left his familiar business, but Wu Zhiyong absolutely did not have the slightest unhappy, all the way excitedly ran to Nanjing to report. The rest of the people with his situation is also roughly the same, so, Liang Gang's behavior in the Red Turban Army is really a very good reputation. The basic person in charge of the martial arts hall is Zhan Dianfu, Peng Tai, after all, to manage the General Staff Department that a lot of things, coupled with their own conscious avoidance of suspicion, so Zhan Dianfu is now responsible for the operation of the martial arts hall in practice. And it was his own good luck that he could meet such a master as Peng Tai. The carriage left the city of Nanjing. The military Academy covers a huge area because it has a test site. Liang Gang delimited him to the west of the city, and even enclosed a large mountain area under his name,White Marble Slabs, but it was preparing for the future field infantry. Your Majesty, the Military Academy has arrived. After a long journey to the west, the guard in front of the car whispered. Both of them in the car could hear clearly. forustone.com


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