The beast's blood boils

"I've figured it out. I know you love me. That's enough." "Jose, don't blame me

"I've figured it out. I know you love me. That's enough." "Jose, don't blame me. I know if I don't give myself to you today, I won't have this chance in my life." "Seventeen years ago, you said that you would leave my virginity for the day when you really welcomed me. You must have had a premonition at that time, right?" Cui Beixi gently stroked Liu's shocked face: "I know, I know.." Are you worried that if there is no such day, as a perfect, I can find a real home again. I know, I know.. You really love me. In fact, seventeen years ago, my heart and my people were all given to you. Belongs only to you. Liu shocked the heart more can not bear the load, Cui Beixi unexpectedly … I'm still a virgin. Campas, help me! Liu shook and prayed to the God of War, trying again and again to mobilize the power of the elements, but again and again in vain. There is no longer a future … Don't worry. I'm not going to embarrass you any more.. I will never come to you again from now on. A big smile on your face … I can be sincerely happy. Tracy bit her lips desperately, and the violent trembling made his teeth quickly spill a trace of blood from his lips: "…" It would be nice to have a baby after this one. No matter what she's like.. I want to take him to grow up slowly. The glow of motherhood rippled across Tracy's face, filling her dimples deeply. … I was naive.. It's too possible.. Cui Beixi laughed at herself with self-pity, gazed affectionately at the handsome face of Xibei Mourinho,smart interactive whiteboard, slowly, slowly, put her cold red lips on Liu's shocked mouth and touched them gently. It could be seen that the inexperienced Cui Beixi was still a little astringent and nervous. Liu shock felt the corners of the mouth through a trace of cold and tender warmth, Medusa is a cold-blooded creature, cold nature is the blood on the lips of Cui Beixi, but why is Cui Beixi's lips so hot? Liu shock to this strange physiological phenomenon of cold-blooded hot lips, do not know whether to study it quietly,touch screen kiosk, or to laugh and cry. Like a statue, Liu Shake was slowly pushed down on the bed with the princess tent. Lying on the soft down quilt, Liu Shake was like falling into the clouds, with a sound of bone-eroding panting. A smooth body like congealed fat wrapped Liu Shake tightly. A circle of snake tails, like greedy vines, wrapped so hard that it seemed to want to melt them together. The moonlight on the dome disappeared quietly, and it seemed that Champa was shy to find a dark cloud and cover his eyes. Jose, if time goes back again, I still have no regrets about my choice. No matter how Cui Beixi forced a smile, how to wipe, the surging tears still burst out with unstoppable momentum, dripping on Liu's already shaken chest. Once is enough to really be your woman. Cui Beixi sweetly fell on Liu's shocked chest and kissed again and again. Finally, Cui Beixi's delicate and slender plain fingers, digital signage screen ,digital whiteboard price, still trembling violently, gently faded to the last pair of trousers. The huge weapon, which was petrified and ferocious, was exposed to the air. Cui Beixi only took one look and immediately, like a wounded animal, got into Liu's shaking armpit. The delicate scales on the snake's tail stood up and rustled for a while. The mother-of-pearl on the dome finally revealed a new round of moonlight, and the champa could not resist the temptation after all. In this world, there are not many people who can withstand the temptation. The gauze, wrapped in mercurial luster, was swept by the inexplicable breeze and danced. Liu's shocked eyes looked at the clarity of the dome. Behind the illusion, there are countless scenes of the world of mortals, Liu shocked as if to see, in a place where stars and fallen leaves fall in riotous profusion, a lonely and stubborn beautiful figure, standing in the lonely and boundless desert of time, quietly waiting for his appearance, meeting without a word, only when holding hands with a smile like a flower. At this moment, Liu shocked himself into the role of Mourinho. Not for noble salvation, nor for mean possession. The shadow of the moon is slanting in the west, and two elongated figures are projected on the walls of the room, just like one. A faint murmur was brought into the room by the wind through the treetops. The night has been deep, I do not know whose infatuated woman, still standing alone in the empty street, singing the old ballad waiting for the lover. There is a love ~ Somewhere between holy and evil ~ At the mouth of the river where the stars move westward ~ Everyone is still asleep ~ I sit alone ~ Wait for someone to ferry ~ Liu's shocked eyes were moist. To tell you the truth, this arrangement is to clear up the previous pitfalls and cater to the readers. But in order to ensure that female readers like Sister Feather, please forgive me for painstakingly designing such a plot. At least, you can't blame Lao Liu for this. He is the victim. It is estimated that there are few writers like me who calculate the female protagonist and female companion, but to be honest, this article does not regard the stallion as a selling point, it used to be, it is now, and it will still be. Tracy wanted to ignore it as a Carew-like character, but I think it's better to focus on it. As I write, I kind of like this woman. Which Mourinho does she like? Perhaps it was the naive young man who dared to act like Lao Liu in the past, not the talented man in Jianghu today. Jianghu youth spring shirt thin, or like this … ~ Novel Txt, Tang Chapter 263 take a step back and enjoy a better view. The waning moon is slanting on the top of the Chinese parasol tree, and the east is already showing a touch of fish belly white. On the broad flagstone Avenue, some early traders can be seen Hawking. A new day begins. Liu shook his back, lit a cigar to avoid the wind,smart whiteboard price, threw his empty sleeve, strode to a humble stall, and beckoned the boss to hand over a mule sandwich and a bunch of grapes.


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