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At this time, Anxin found that, including the road where they parked,

At this time, Anxin found that, including the road where they parked, all the intersections around Ruixin Department Store and nearby as far as she could see seemed to emerge from the flat ground, suddenly covered with soldiers of the Armed Police Force. Soldiers dressed in yellow and green spots camouflage uniforms, armed with submachine guns, under the helmet of eyebrows, all face serious, in the officers'short and quick commands, quickly blocked the streets and alleys nearby. Anxin also saw that the policemen of the anti-drug brigade were also scattered in the streets. With the assistance of the armed police force, they began to carefully check the passers-by, especially the young men coming from the direction of Ruixin Mall. They were all carefully examined before they were released. Captain Pan was in the car, using a hand-held phone to contact the heads of several units and ask them what they had found. Many of the people in the street stood in the distance to watch the scene of bustle, not knowing what had happened, as if facing a formidable enemy. Anxin wanted to get off, but Laopan wouldn't let him. "Where are you going?" He asked? Anxin can't answer. Laopan says: "Need not you, you are sitting in the car!"! Peace of mind had to sit. She saw a street corner in the distance, a group of armed police seized a bus, probably had an argument with someone on the bus, as if they had started fighting, but it soon subsided, a false alarm, no trouble. Each detachment reported the situation one after another from different directions, but no target was found. Whether the target had slipped away or never came or was hiding in a nearby house was unknown. Just then, a small sleeping car came quietly. Knowing that it was the car of the leader of the Bureau, Laopan immediately got out of the car and got into the small sleeping car to ask for instructions and report. Three minutes later,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, he came out and asked Laoqian to inform the units to withdraw with a hand-held phone. Anxin saw that the Armed Police Force had apparently received a similar notice and got on trucks and jeeps one after another, walking faster than the people of the anti-drug brigade. The tense situation in the street lasted only half an hour, and immediately everything was as usual and calm was restored. Captain Pan also got into the car and drove the car back to the team with the steering wheel. As when he came, neither he nor Anxin said anything along the way. Laopan did not eat in the team in the evening, and it was said that he was called away by the Bureau. The next morning, he came a little late, bringing with him a cadre from the political department of the Bureau. This cadre was more than forty years old, and his face was so familiar that he could not name him. He heard Captain Pan call him Director Fang. The three of them, Director Fang and Laopan Laoqian, entered the conference room together. Five minutes later, let people call the peace of mind over. As soon as Anxin entered the conference room, she felt a little strange. Three leaders sat side by side on the left side of the conference table. After she entered, she sat on the right side. This sitting method gave people the feeling that it was too normal, like the defense meeting in the university when she took the degree exam. In addition, artificial plant wall panels ,faux grass wall, the faces of the leaders were all serious. Although the director Fang showed some kind smiles after she entered the room, it was also a kind of smile with a serious theme, which was not relaxed at all. Anxin sat down opposite them, knowing that they must be looking for her to talk to her about something important. Director Fang opened his mouth first, saw that her left hand was still bandaged, and first asked her about her injuries with concern. Then, of course, she was concerned about her feelings and expressed her grief for the unfortunate death of her lover, which was both orthodox and cordial. After a brief condolence, the topic turned to the right track. Today, on behalf of the leadership of the Bureau and the Political Department of the Bureau, that is, on behalf of the organization, I would like to talk to you. First of all, we are satisfied with the performance of your internship in the anti-drug brigade of Nande Municipal Bureau for more than a year after you graduated from junior college. You, a young female Comrade, have chosen to exercise in our border city, which shows that you have indeed set up the lofty ideal of devoting yourself to public security and serving the people, and through more than a year of practice, you have improved in ideology, business and will quality. We're still talking to you today because of this case. You have played a great role in this case. You have made an important contribution to the destruction of this drug trafficking stronghold and this gang. Otherwise, the criminals would not be so crazy to retaliate against you. Therefore, the Party Committee of the Bureau studied it yesterday and decided to give you a personal second-class merit. The decision, certificate and badge of merit will be issued immediately, and it will be officially announced when it is issued. Now we congratulate you in advance, ah, congratulations! When Director Fang talked about recording merit, Laopan and Laoqian both nodded with a smile on their faces and made a congratulatory response. The following words were still continued by the director Fang, who knew without asking that they were looking for her today, and that the posture, the appearance, and the atmosphere were not just to inform and congratulate her on the good news. Sure enough, Director Fang changed the subject and went on to say: "There is one more thing. We also want to discuss with you today. Considering this case, there are not many clues at present. At present, it can only be preliminarily determined that it was done by Mao Jie and Mao Fang brothers, with obvious nature of revenge.". Now it is estimated that they have fled the local area and are hiding somewhere. You've been doing drug enforcement for more than a year and you know it very well. It's too cruel. It is now very clear that the Mao Family Compound is an important stronghold of overseas drug trafficking organizations in China. The family and their accomplices are all backbone members of international drug trafficking groups. They all have hiding places and escape routes. These two guys will never give up on you. Sooner or later, they will look for you again. This kind of thing has happened here before, as well as in other areas. Many of our anti-drug police and drug criminals have sworn feuds! According to this situation, the Party Committee of the Bureau also listened to the opinions of the leaders of your anti-drug brigade. Yesterday, it asked the Political Department of the Provincial Public Security Department for instructions. According to the results of the instructions, it decided to implement protective measures for you from today on. Transfer from the public security organs, transfer from the local, find a distant place,faux ficus tree, change a set of name files for you, arrange other work, so as to avoid undue sacrifice. 。 hacartificialtree.com


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