A record of survival in the last days

After killing the ninja troops, the anger in the hearts of the dragon tooth team was finally

After killing the ninja troops, the anger in the hearts of the dragon tooth team was finally temporarily vented, at least Zhao Laifu and others would not have been thinking about how to kill the group of people with hooked nose. But when these bloodied guys returned to the coalition base at three o'clock in the morning, they really woke up a lot of people. Although they didn't know what the goal of the Dragon Teeth Team was, judging from their murderous appearance, those who were listed as enemies by them might not come to a good end. As the Dragon Teeth team returned to base, the bloody night finally calmed down. The next morning, Zhou Yulong revisited the hook-nosed group and told them that he had agreed to the aid plan and would send a rescue team to Japan within three days to carry out the rescue operation. The aquiline nose naturally did not know that their ninja troops lurking outside the base, together with his immediate superior, were brought to a pot by the Dragon Teeth Team last night. When he heard that Zhou Yulong had agreed to his request, his face showed heartfelt joy. At the same time, they are secretly mocking the hypocrisy and weakness of these Chinese people. He believed that when their troops took away the transport plane of the human coalition and migrated to China, and then cooperated with the ninja troops lurking in the coalition base, they would certainly be able to give the human coalition a surprise blow, and even probably suppress the human coalition and become the new master of this land. However,Inflatable bouncer, the aquiline nose did not know that when he secretly looked down on these Chinese people, Zhou Yulong and others saw all the changes in his expression as if he were a clown. If the situation does not permit, they will even show a sarcastic smile. After all, whoever sees a weak rabbit trying to devour a fierce lion will smile and think that the rabbit is too arrogant and stupid. And obviously, the aquiline nose and others are such arrogant and stupid rabbits! Three days later, Zhou Yulong and others did prepare 20 [Dragon Wings] heavy military transport planes to the Japanese mainland as promised. Looking at the heavy transport plane that soared through the sky,Inflatable indoor park, the faces of the hooked nose and others showed a smile of relief. The planes had already set out, and it was almost a foregone conclusion that as soon as their native armies had captured these transport planes, it would not be long before all the modified soldiers could be transferred to the mainland with the terrible loading capacity of the [Dragonwing] heavy transport planes. However, Zhou Yulong and others, who had already made preparations, would not let these Japanese get what they wanted so easily. Although they did send 20 [Dragonwing] heavy military transport planes to the Japanese mainland, they also prepared a big "gift" for the Japanese on those transport planes, believing that this gift would be a big "surprise" for those who had bad intentions. "Hasn't there been any news from Fujimisai?" In an underground base at the bottom of a mountain on Honshu Island, Japan, a strong old man in beautiful clothes is questioning a group of senior Japanese officials kneeling in front of him. Judging from the ranks of the high-ranking officials present, their lowest rank was also a major general, inflatable water slide ,inflatable amusement park, but in front of the old man, these guys who held the military power trembled like a cat and a mouse, and did not even dare to breathe. Your Majesty, according to the report of the last batch of biochemical homing pigeons, they have arrived near the human coalition base, and Ida Yuhiko has entered the human coalition headquarters on behalf of the Japanese side. Judging from the external reaction of the coalition headquarters, Ida Yuhiko's safety does not seem to be threatened. Hearing the old man's words, a middle-aged man with the rank of general knelt down and said respectfully, "From this point of view, the human coalition is likely to accept our application for help. It is estimated that before long, the rescue plane of the human coalition will come to us!" They did a good job. If they are not dead after this mission, I will reward them heavily. ” Hearing the general's words, the strong old man nodded, then his face froze and asked in a deep voice, "How are the actions of those [descendants of Amaterasu]? Will they pose a threat to our actions this time?" They. They are now distributed in all our territory to hunt, although their number can not be increased, but their strengthening speed is too fast, whether zombies or mutant beasts simply can not stop these demons! As if he had a great fear of the words "Descendants of Amaterasu", the middle-aged general's body trembled obviously after hearing it. Then he took a deep breath, suppressed his inner panic, and said: "And this guy's sense of smell is very sensitive, and he can search for survivors in all buildings. They are like the God of death, leaving no life where they pass. Even a few days ago, they found one of our underground military bases and slaughtered all the reformed soldiers in it. Although the number of these soldiers is only five thousand, but with the right equipment is also a powerful force. However, the five thousand heavily armed transformation soldiers only had time to send out a signal for help and alarm, and then the group was wiped out. These demons are really terrible! "Ba Ga, the guy who suggested carrying out this [Amaterasu Plan] should be executed a hundred times!" Hearing the general's words, the strong old man gave a low roar with an angry look on his face. Then he gritted his teeth and said, "Get the nearby military bases ready. Once we capture the transport planes of the human coalition forces, we will immediately move them. At the same time, we will draw out 100,000 troops to block them. Even if all the 100,000 people are dead, we must get enough time to evacuate!" "Hi!" Hearing the words of the strong old man,Inflatable dry slide, the middle-aged general raised his head and saluted, then returned to the ranks. Zhuo Jun, how is the development of the second stage biochemical agent? 。 joyshineinflatables.com


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