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However, since the child is not Song Qi, why does Wu Menglan keep saying so sure?

However, since the child is not Song Qi, why does Wu Menglan keep saying so sure? She doesn't know, or. On purpose? But now this society, no one is so stupid, will not do any appraisal, happy to be a father? Qin Xuanxuan couldn't understand Wu Menglan's intention, but listened to Song Qi on the other end of his cell phone: "Xuanxuan, I'll pick you up later. Wait for me!" Qin Xuanxuan came to his senses and replied, "OK, I'll wait for you." Since Wu Menglan's child is not Song Qi's, she really should meet with Song Qi and discuss how to face Wu Menglan's various entanglements. She always felt that even if there was no child as a bargaining chip, Wu Menglan would not give up. Knowing that Song Qi needed some time to come from the company, Qin Xuanxuan stayed in the office for a while before going downstairs. Just walked to the door, have not seen Song Qi, a woman with wine red hair Tingting curled up to come over, stopped Qin Xuanxuan's way, looked up and down at her, as if to identify what, such as Qin Xuanxuan frowned to ask when the woman opened her mouth, voice charming. Do you know that your man doesn't give money after whoring? Qin Xuanxuan froze. The author has something to say: I thought the comments on this article would finally surpass the collection.. As a result, I woke up this morning and refreshed it. Why are you rising so fast? How can you make comments?! [Hello Thank you for your support, I will continue to refuel, let General Manager Du eat more! By the way, Song Qi, the poor male partner, is probably going to leave (_). Pornographic photo scandal When Song Qi returned home that day, he knew that the supermarket was set on fire. The surveillance video of the supermarket did not capture the prisoner's face. Although he called the police, he did not catch the prisoner for several days. His family did not know what kind of person he had offended to be set on fire. Fortunately, the discovery was timely, the loss was not serious, and a few more surveillance cameras were installed at home, so that the supermarket staff were vigilant, and the matter passed. After confirming that there was nothing at home, Song Qi hurriedly called Qin Xuanxuan and sent text messages, hoping to persuade her back, but she ignored him, he was very anxious, but also understood that before Wu Menglan did not solve the matter perfectly, she was afraid that she would not pay attention to herself. When Wu Menglan came to him again with his children, he forcibly took them to the paternity testing center, and it was not until today that he got the results. He was sure that Wu Menglan's child was not his, but the night before he still went to the bar to get drunk because of his anxiety. He knew very well that if the result of the identification came out that the child was really his, he would lose Xuanxuan forever. Wu Menglan's parents are very clear about the matter, his father did not make a statement, but her mother's attitude is very clear, inflatable amusement park , if the child is really his, he must marry Wu Menglan, two people together to raise the child. And even if his parents don't put pressure on him, he knows very well that with Xuanxuan's education from childhood to adulthood, she won't continue to be with him knowing that he has a child. The panic about the future made Song Qi choose to drink to drown his sorrows. When he woke up the next day and found himself in a hotel, he was glad that there was no one else lying around him. At the same time, he regretted his recklessness. When he hurried to work, he found that his cell phone was missing. At that time, he called his cell phone but no one answered. Later, he turned it off. He knew that his cell phone must have been stolen and admitted his bad luck. When he got the report from the paternity testing center in the afternoon, proving that the child had no blood relationship with him, he immediately called Qin Xuanxuan with the company phone and wanted to tell Qin Xuanxuan the good news. Because, this means that between him and Qin Xuanxuan, there is still a possibility, there is still a future. When Song Qi came to the door of Qin Xuanxuan's company and ran to her excitedly, he noticed another woman who was with Qin Xuanxuan. Xuanxuan! Is this your colleague? Song Qi asked, only to find that Qin Xuanxuan's face was not very good. He hurried closer and asked with concern, "Xuanxuan, what's wrong with you?"? Is there something wrong with you? Qin Xuanxuan suddenly stepped back and looked at Song Qi's eyes flashing. Song Qi frowned slightly and was about to ask again when he heard another woman beside him say, "Handsome boy, I'm not your girlfriend's colleague. I didn't expect you to forget me. I'm really sad." Song Qi looked at the woman and said doubtfully, "Are you.." "Never mind," the woman smiled, her eyes full of malice, "let me help you remember it." The woman lowered her head and rummaged in her bag for a while, then took out a mobile phone. Qin Xuanxuan and Song Qi saw it and stared in surprise. Song Qi reached for the phone and said, "Why is my phone in your place?" But the woman threw her hand, let Song Qi get an empty, giggled, "handsome boy, I'm not going to help you remember it?" The woman stepped back, rummaged through her cell phone and said slowly, "It's a good thing that your girlfriend's work place is clearly written in your cell phone address book, otherwise I wouldn't be able to find it here.". Ah, I found it! The woman did not hand the phone back to Song Qi, but pointed the screen at them so that they could clearly see a video being played on the phone. The camera shakes a little, most of the time only the face and upper body can be seen, but in the shaking lens, you can clearly see two red. Naked intertwined body and full of love. . The face of desire One belongs to the woman in front of him, and the other is Song Qi. Qin Xuanxuan's face turned white, his lips trembled slightly, and his eyes looked at the two people in the video without blinking. That is Song Qi's face, she will not admit her mistake, but it does not seem to be Song Qi, because her impression of Song Qi, is gentle and funny, let her feel clean and warm, not the love in the video. The ferocious appearance of a captive 。 Song Qi was as shocked as Qin Xuanxuan. He suddenly rushed over and grabbed the phone. The woman didn't stop him. She just smiled and watched him turn off the video and delete it. She said coolly, "Just delete it. I didn't want to blackmail you with this video.". I just want you to remember that you did have sex with me last night,inflatable floating water park, and I came to get the money. If I hadn't been in a hurry to leave in the morning, I wouldn't have had to make this extra trip. All right, pay up. 。


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