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Yes, he was moved. The project of Da'an Company is 20 million yuan,

Yes, he was moved. The project of Da'an Company is 20 million yuan, and his final concession profit is 4 million yuan. According to Shen Kuo, the surplus of Jishang Real Estate should not be less than this number. If the project funds can arrive smoothly, from turnover to surplus, this case can keep Shengshi Company for half a year. Seeing Chu Yuxuan's hesitation, Shen Kuo said sternly, "Yuxuan, maybe we can talk about it. Although the building of Jishang Real Estate is in Taicheng, it is in the Eastern Suburb Development Zone, and it is only more than 100 miles away from Qi'an City." Really just talk about the project? Chu Yuxuan's eyes flashed a faint light. He looked up at Shen Kuo. After a few seconds, he said, "I wonder if General Manager Shen has time this afternoon." Shen Kuo was stupefied for a moment, and then pushed the boat along: "It's eleven o'clock now. I was thinking that you would come to Taicheng to invite you to lunch as a host. We just talked while eating." "Good." Chu Yuxuan nodded, then took a look at Liang Yan and said, "But Mr. Shen, Manager Liang is more familiar with the process of the greening project than I am. Mr. Shen doesn't mind if we go together. This meal is my treat." "Of course." Shen Kuo nodded to Liang Yan, then looked at Chu Yuxuan and said with a gentle smile, "However, a classmate,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, Yuxuan, if you call me General Manager Shen, you will be angry." Chu Yuxuan pursed his lower lip and said, "I'm sorry, Shen Kuo." After understanding, although the project of Jishang Real Estate is not big, as the project director of Jishang Real Estate,Agate Stone Price, Shen Kuo has enough decision-making power. He promises that as long as the cooperation is successful, he can directly pay 50% of the project funds to Shengshi Garden Company. At the moment of hardship and danger, he can really help Chu Yuxuan solve his urgent need. Of course, the process of the project still needs to go through the back door. The next morning, Shen Kuo asked Chu Yuxuan to go to the coffee shop opposite the Longdu Hotel to get the construction map. This time, Chu Yuxuan went there alone. Shen Kuo and Chu Yuxuan are both project designers. After a brief chat based on the drawings, Shen Kuo asked the waiter to refill two cups of coffee, and their conversation finally extended beyond their work. Chatting, Shen Kuo could not help but mention that year: "Yuxuan, you were a good graduate student in T University, how did you suddenly decide to go abroad?" “……” Chu Yuxuan's hand stirring the coffee paused, then looked slightly sideways out of the window and said perfunctorily, "The family's decision." "Is it?" Shen Kuo's eyes flashed a trace of doubt, but he still nodded and said, Calacatta Nano Glass ,White Marble Slabs, "After you left, you didn't contact your old classmates. It's like you disappeared. You don't know how happy I was when I saw you in the conference room yesterday." Chu Yuxuan turned his face to Shen Kuo's straight eyes and felt his scalp tingle for a while. His butterfly-feather-like eyelashes trembled slightly and he did not speak. Shen Kuo seemed to be accustomed to Chu Yuxuan's indifference. He greedily looked at Chu Yuxuan's half-astringent face like a banished immortal. He felt that where Chu YuXuan was, his breath was sweet. This made Shen Kuo, who had always been calm and self-controlled, lose control. His voice was more hoarse than that of Chu YuXuan who caught a cold: "Yuxuan, these years.." I have never liked anyone else, and you are always the only one in my heart. "Shen Kuo." Chu Yuxuan put down his spoon, narrowed his fox eyes and said, "If you give me the project for this, I can't accompany you." From the moment when Shengshi Company owed a huge debt last year and Chu Jianglong fell down, he wanted to hide Chu Yuxuan, more than one or two! For more than a year, he had just transitioned from a student who was not familiar with the world to a role of "color", and was directly thrown into the big dye vat of society to fight in blood. However, suffering can leave marks on his face and pains on his body, but it can not smooth his edges and corners. He is still the proud Chu Yuxuan, a man dedicated only to love, a clean and brave father. Yuxuan, don't get me wrong. "As soon as he saw Chu Yuxuan let go of his coffee cup to get up, Shen Kuo suddenly panicked. He didn't want to reach out and hold Chu Yuxuan's wrist. He eagerly explained:" I didn't mean that. I just.. " Shen Kuo paused under Chu Yuxuan's sharp eyes, and his voice was almost humble: "I just hope you can give me a chance to pursue you, can you?" "Tut!" He Nan's hellish voice suddenly appeared on the top of his head. Then, Chu Yuxuan's right wrist, which was slightly grasped by Shen Kuo, was vigorously grasped into the hot palm. Then, his upper body fell on a hard and hot chest: "What a coincidence. If I remember correctly, this is Shen Kuo's senior." Shen Kuo, who had long heard that He Nan and Chu Yuxuan had broken up, stiffened in place and looked at He Nan across the wooden table in amazement. He Nan is menacing, extremely arrogant and domineering, and the animal's "nature" sprinkled on his body like Ru's "hair" drinking blood is daunting. Brother Xuan, you are really not good. "As he spoke, He Nan tightened his right hand holding Chu Yuxuan's waist, pinched his chin with his left hand, and turned his dangerous eyes to Chu Yuxuan's face:" Make me jealous again. Tell me, how can I punish you this time? " As soon as the voice fell, He Nan lowered his head and held Chu Yuxuan's lips in his mouth. First, he bit Chu Yuxuan's fleshy lower lip with his teeth heavily with a punishing "sex" quality. Then he took the opportunity to push his tongue into Chu YuXuan's lip, which was open because of pain, and pried open his teeth flexibly. Then, he stirred it like a storm. As soon as Chu Yuxuan's brain exploded, the blood of embarrassment went straight to his head. He used all his strength to push against He Nan's chest, but was caught by He Nan's hand on his waist and fixed on the back of the sofa behind him. He Nan also pushed him deep into the soft flannel back along his back posture. Chapter 7 Under the strong control of He Nan, Chu Yuxuan was like a fish thrown ashore. After a sob, he completely lost his fighting capacity and collapsed in He Nan's arms as soft as cotton,Porcelain Marble Slabs, allowing He Nan to ask for it wantonly. He Nan grabbed the sweetness in Chu Yuxuan's mouth and fixed his eyes on Chu Yuxuan's face. Like a cold-blooded Satan, he enjoyed the painful and distorted expression of Chu Yuxun's lack of oxygen. It was not until he forced the nearly suffocated Chu YuXuan into physiological tears that he squinted his eyes and licked his neat gums and let him go. But He Nan's hands were still firmly behind Chu Yuxuan, clamping his hands. forustone.com


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