Kill GodKill God

Ziyao smiled, "I know the profound meaning of your practice is strange,

Ziyao smiled, "I know the profound meaning of your practice is strange, well, these people give you, you have killed, to enhance their own strength." A group of divine light wrapped Napton, Keith, Oliver, and several strong men of the five clans, and was sent to Shiyan. Shi Yan grinned, not at all polite, grabbed Knapton and others, and put them directly into his own realm to devour the profound meaning to refine. At the same time, as soon as Ziyao thought about it, she pulled Xiao Lie and Jia Ni out. Looking at Jia Ni and Xiao Lie, who were bound by the colorful divine light, she said in a cold voice, "You are not seven clans. The blood in your body is very suitable for being branded by me. I will engrave my mark in the depths of your soul altar. If you cooperate obediently, you two can survive. Otherwise, Just give me the ghost! Words, she did not give Xiao lie,digital signage screen, Jia Ni the right to speak, directly once again two people into their own world. In the valley. Shiyan and Ziyao, respectively, run the power to refine Napton, Xiao Lie, Jia Ni and others, and understand the unfinished business. Outside the valley. In the sacred shrine of the Tianmu clan. Evelyn, Adams,interactive kiosk price, and Mahisha were reunited a few months later. Xiaoya, have you broken through the realm? Have you reached the realm of emptiness? As soon as Mahisha came over, she exclaimed and looked at Evelyn's apprentice with a puzzled face. Evelyn smiled and said, "That's why I called you here." "Because of Xiaoya?" "Mmm." Evelyn nodded and said to Xiaoya, "Take out the red crystal and show it to Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt." Xiaoya took out the flame crystal that Ziyao had given her. She was so precious that her little hands clenched tightly. Over the past few months, she has relied on this small flame crystal to constantly gather divine power and successfully break through to the realm of virtual God. Previously, Shiyan had said that the energy of this flame crystal could increase her cultivation speed tenfold and maintain it until she broke through the realm of immortality. Not to mention that she didn't believe it, Ono couldn't do it either, and even her master Evelyn was dubious at that time. Now, however, she herself was the first to believe, and from that little flame crystal, she felt the endless power of the flame! "It is this flame crystal that is presented by Shiyan's female companion, and the power contained in it is simply incalculable!" Evelyn looked a little excited. "That's not the most important thing, information kiosk price ,face recognition identification, Xiaoya. Show them!" Lesser hurriedly running power, a orange flame rising from her little hand, and then see the flame crystal, that a fresh flame eerie change, into a lifelike phoenix bathing in fire! The phoenix is in the form of flying high, releasing a strong wave of flame and heat, as if to break free from the bright red crystal! Adams and Mahisha both froze. Adams froze for a while. Suddenly, he shook all over and shouted, "Why is it exactly the same as the totem of the Fire Phoenix Clan?" "That's why I called you here." Evelyn took a deep breath with a heavy expression. "It's because it's the same as the sacred totem of the Fire Phoenix Clan, and the energy is terrible. That's why I'm confused. Let you come and give me some advice." "This.." Mahisha and Adams looked away, not knowing what was going on, but secretly surprised. Just then, a line of Fire Phoenix Clan clans were personally greeted by the old patriarch of the Tianmu Clan from outside the stars. One of them, a withered and decrepit old man of the Fire Phoenix Clan, was supported by all the Fire Phoenix Clans. This man was the pride of the Fire Feng Clan, the only ancestor! On the exquisite armor on his chest, there was a pattern of a phoenix bathing in fire. Under the respectful leadership of the old patriarch of the Tianmu clan, he fell to the surface of the stars. Then, before he had settled down, he suddenly shook all over and let out a crazy scream. He abandoned everyone and rushed straight to the temple of Evelyn. Chapter 1536 Phoenix Bathing in Fire. "What happened to Patriarch Chauncey?" A middle-aged man of the Fire Phoenix Clan, looking surprised, could not help looking at Cornett, the patriarch of the Tianmu Clan, his eyes gradually sharpened, "What are you doing with the Tianmu Clan?"? Causing the Patriarch to panic so much? Cornett and the elders of the Tianmu clan, all with an inexplicable face and a little perturbed in their hearts, did not know exactly what was going on. If any of your details offend Patriarch Chauncey, hum! The tone of the man of the Fire Phoenix clan was full of threats. Cornett's face changed slightly. From a distance, he was even more surprised to find that the place where Chauncey was crazy was Evelyn's temple. Go! Go down immediately and see what's going on! A group of warriors of the Fire Phoenix Clan, leaving the Cornet crowd behind, turned into flames and rushed to the temple of Evelyn. Near the sacred place of the Tianmu clan, there were many young people of the Tianmu clan who came to worship the statue. They only saw a flaming light, like a flame meteor falling to one of the shrines. They were all shocked and raised their necks one by one to find out what was going on. Fuck! Another member of the Fire Phoenix Clan! Someone secretly scolded, "Our family has three veins rich in flame spar, which are forcibly occupied by them. These people of the Fire Phoenix Clan have a hot temper and often cause trouble in our family territory. It's really a headache!" Don't talk about you, aren't we the same? What can I do? Fire Phoenix clan is really strong, Chauncey, but the domain ancestor realm strong, they in the eyes of the Xuantian clan, the weight is very heavy, nature is not we can compare, can only endure. "Hey, you have to be patient again. Those people of the Fire Phoenix Clan are too arrogant. They occupy our mines and ask us to look for mine slaves for them. If it goes on like this, it's not as good as before!" "This is the fire phoenix clan's own idea, Xuantian clan should not know the situation, if we can find the core clan of Xuantian clan to explain this matter, should be able to let the fire phoenix clan convergence convergence." "It's no use. The people of the Xuantian Clan will only attach importance to the opinions of the Huofeng Clan and will not care about our lives.". People have domain ancestors in charge,temperature screening kiosk, Xuantian clan have to give some thin noodles, what do we have? We can become a vassal of the Xuantian clan, which is an incredible thing. What else can we ask for? “……” 。


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