Biographies of General Phoenix

Zhu Siqi and Zhou Jianhua sat in the back, Liu Ming sat in the co-driver's seat, and Li Zhengyang drove. Zhou Jianhua was embarrassed when he heard Zhu Siqi's complaint. After all, he is now the head of the South China Public Security Bureau.

In the evening, "He Wo Da" was opened, which means "welcome the gathering of relatives who have been away for a long time" in Chinese. A bonfire was lit, cattle and sheep were slaughtered for cooking or roasting, and wine from the south was poured. The men, women and old people in the tribe all sang and laughed happily, and then danced a dance. There are amorous girls and boys who take this opportunity to go to their favorite lover and invite him to dance. If the other party agrees to dance together, it is intended for oneself, and after a while, another happy event will be added to the clan. As usual, Agusa sat at the head with Tuoba and Xiluoya, and no one dared to invite Agusa to dance with Tuoba. But Xi Yuya was different. One after another, young people from the clan came forward. Although none of them succeeded, they still went forward one after another. Agusa, already drunk, pressed Tuoba's shoulder and said, "Hurry up.." If you don't come forward, do you still want to invite you? Fool He drank another bowl of wine and said lightly, "You're drunk." Agusa sneered and suddenly asked, "Where is the Pearl Slave?"? Why is the Pearl Slave missing? The attendant replied, "The Pearl Slave is not feeling well and has gone to sleep." Agusa grabbed the other side's skirt and pulled it over, asking the other side's face, "Who allowed her to sleep?"? Get it up! Hurry up The attendant promised to go, and soon a woman, with long hair and a thin body like a piece of paper, shivered in the biting wind. Look at the appearance is a Han Chinese woman, appearance is also born not vulgar. Agusa grabbed the woman and pressed her on the carpet where they were sitting cross-legged. He turned her face to the bonfire and said to Tuoba, "Elder brother, look at this Han girl. Is she handsome?"? Last time I went back to Yanzhou, I didn't welcome you back,push back racking system, but I picked up such a woman. Now give her to Big Brother to warm up? Just as Tuoba was wondering that he dared to see Ji off to him in front of Xiluoya, before he could refuse, Xiluoya pinched him on the back of his waist and whispered in his ear, "Don't take it. Agusa is talking angrily." "I don't want it," said Tuoba, knowing that he was drunk and talking nonsense. "Where can the flowers of the Central Plains resist the wind on the prairie?" Agusa took off his robe, rolled up the woman, and murmured, "This is the hero of our Yuling tribe. Is that what you want?" The woman kept her eyes closed. Tuoba thought she was either fainting or sleeping soundly, but she suddenly replied, "Muddy account, what do I want? I'll get it myself. Mind your own business?" "I want to die!" Agusa suddenly roared. He carried the woman on his shoulders and ran away, but no one dared to follow him. With a shrug of her shoulders, she stood up and invited Tuoba to dance. She said with a smile, "Agusa deceives himself and others. He has no time to take care of himself. He gives up on himself. He overreaches himself. He is willing to degenerate and fall into the trap. You are his good brother. You won't learn from him, wire mesh decking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, will you?" When she was newly learning Chinese, she used six idioms with "Zi" in one breath, and the extraordinary splendor flowed on her pretty face. Tuoba Kui hurriedly stood up to answer the salute, and the musicians took the opportunity to clap out a burst of rapid and moving drums, and the horse-headed fiddle in the hands of the old people in the clan was doubly distant and beautiful. Two people's footsteps dance, bringing out a new round of joy. It took a long time for Tuoba to say to Xiluoya, "Poor Agusa. Is he the head of our Yu Ling or not?" The answer of Xi Yuya is: "This kind of patriarch, alas … …" Why don't I do it? The night was so intoxicated that the soles of the dancing boots were worn thin. When she sent him to the tent, the woman, who used to be bold and clever, suddenly became slow in speaking and ran away. Tuoba shouted a few times without stopping. He pushed away the attendant who wanted to help him and shook his head and smiled to enter the tent by himself. Without looking, he got into bed at random. There was someone in the quilt, and this silly boy really stuffed people in? I'm not afraid of death. Tuoba Kui thought hard. After all, the drunken brain didn't work. I don't know if it was too late for a moment or an hour. Suddenly, I woke up with a sharp pain in my heart and a cold sweat. You'd better not think about fighting back or calling for help. The woman said slowly, "No matter what time it takes, it is enough for this sharp weapon to pierce your heart for another minute-the interval between life and death, in fact, is only one minute.". ” The pain in the second and third ribs of the left chest close to the sternum was no longer severe, and there was a warm liquid flowing between the chest and abdomen, which was as cold as ice in a twinkling of an eye. "Lin Huirong!" Said Tuoba, gnashing his teeth. He was wrong! The frail woman who came with him looked like in front of him, so that he ignored the true identity of this person, who should be the Phoenix General who first swung the sword and crossed the battlefield! Some negligence in life can be solved by saying sorry, while others can be compensated by life. Sometimes one life is not enough, but many lives are needed. Don't be so excited. You know I'm not in good health. If I miss, I'll be sorry. The opponent laughed in a whisper, "Pick me up, order me to prepare a horse, find a good reason to go out, send me a hundred miles away and let you go-OK?"? You know my hope is this time. Don't let me down. And you must be calm, calm. "What if I don't?" I know the answer, but I still want to ask. Eldest brother, I am also dead by your life sacrifice, random knife is also dead, it is better to drag a cushion before dying. The answer was as expected. This hateful woman. The quiet night after the carnival, for the Yu Ling department, the prevention is too negligent. Tuoba Kui horizontal holding the name of the phoenix general's evil star, longitudinal horse out of the camp, unexpectedly only one soldier came to ask. Volume 2 Yanyun Fengyue Chapter 3 Frost Road 5 The soldier asked only one question and then let him go. Was he going to lament that his prestige was too great, or was he going to be angry that the vigilance of the tribe was too poor? As the sky brightened, Tuoba suddenly noticed that the wind on the prairie was particularly cold, as if it was going to sweep away the heat of people along all the gaps in their clothes, and that the woman in her arms was too warm and soft when she had not come long ago. She was too tall and not light enough, and her bones and muscles were not strong and delicate enough. Strange, how could she not have noticed it at that time? The same road, therefore, seems endless. All right, that's it. You dismount,mobile racking systems, put me on the ground, and I'll let go. His opponent Lin Huirong ordered. Tuoba suddenly decided to gamble. He looked down at Lin Huirong and said with a smile, "Good." 。


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