The ordinary life of a genius

Zhu Siqi and Zhou Jianhua sat in the back, Liu Ming sat in the co-driver's seat, and Li Zhengyang drove. Zhou Jianhua was embarrassed when he heard Zhu Siqi's complaint. After all, he is now the head of the South China Public Security Bureau.

Zhu Siqi and Zhou Jianhua sat in the back, Liu Ming sat in the co-driver's seat, and Li Zhengyang drove. Zhou Jianhua was embarrassed when he heard Zhu Siqi's complaint. After all, he is now the head of the South China Public Security Bureau. Secretary Zhu, I don't know if you have anything to do later. If not, I'll get off in front of you. Zhou Jianhua said. Yes, if you have nothing important to do, how about having dinner together tonight? You have been delayed for a whole afternoon this afternoon. Let me treat you tonight. Zhu Siqi said. Zhu Siqi is only twenty-five years old now, while Zhou Jianhua is over fifty, but the conversation between them seems to have changed. Zhu Siqi is like an old man in his fifties and sixties, while Zhou Jianhua is like a young man, who is very restrained in front of Zhu Siqi. All right, but I'm the oldest here. I'll treat you tonight. No one can argue with me. After all, it took us so long in the afternoon because we didn't do our work well. Zhou Jianhua said. No problem. We'd love to have a treat. Zhu Siqi laughed. All right,heavy duty cantilever racks, do you have a suitable place? I'm poor, and I'm afraid I won't have money to pay for too expensive places. Zhou Jianhua said. Director Zhou, you can rest assured that the place I take you to is both affordable and delicious. Zhu Siqi said that the place he wanted to take Zhou Jianhua to was of course the taste of food. But before reaching the door of the Taste of Food, Zhou Jianhua pressed Guo Gang's phone. A vicious case occurred this afternoon. A savings office on Teacher Road was robbed. It was robbed of more than 500,000 yuan in cash,heavy duty metal racks, and two people were killed with guns. For the prefecture-level city of South China, robbing a bank is a big case, plus there is a gun, then this case is definitely a big case, belongs to the kind of case that must be solved. Zhou Jianhua did not have much news at this time, and after a brief report to Zhu Siqi, he had to rush to the scene of the crime. Zhou Jianhua is an old criminal investigator. He is excited when he hears about a major case. So he doesn't want to sit in the office and wait for other people's reports. He needs to go to the front line. Xiao Li, go straight to the savings office. Zhu Si Qi Dao. There was a lot of chaos in the savings office, but the police set up a cordon outside. At this time, Guo Gang was taking people to the scene to collect evidence. When he saw Zhou Jianhua coming, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehouse storage racks, he immediately came to report in person. Director Zhou. Secretary Zhu is here, too. Guo Gang is no better than Zhou Jianhua. He knows Zhu Siqi. I happened to be with Director Zhou, so I came to see it together. Look Zhu Siqi said. Tell me what the situation is. Zhou Jianhua said hurriedly that he didn't want to waste time on politeness. Zhu Siqi found that Zhou Jianhua seemed to be a new person just now. Now he only has cases in his eyes, and there is no political and legal secretary, so Zhu Siqi just stood quietly listening to Guo Gang's report. It is preliminarily estimated that there are more than three robbers, because only three people have appeared in the savings office, and it is not yet known whether they have met outside. And their technique is very professional, at least more than one person knows blasting, you see, the bulletproof glass here was blown a big hole, using directional blasting, this is not the average person will. Guo Gang said. Is there a target witness? Can you draw a portrait? Zhou Jianhua said. Yes, but I can't describe it. They were all wearing balaclavas, and the savings office was not equipped with surveillance equipment, so there was no video to watch. Guo Gang said. Sure enough, it's a little bright. Is there any valuable clue? Zhou Jianhua said. Not yet. Guo Gang said helplessly. You go ahead and I'll look around here. Zhou Jianhua said. At this time, Zhou Jianhua seemed to have forgotten Zhu Siqi, Liu Ming and Li Zhengyang. A man was wandering around the savings office. He took a pair of gloves from a policeman nearby and looked carefully at the places he found interesting. Zhu Siqi "looked" at the police in the savings office, and their working attitude was very serious. Here Zhu Siqi could no longer see the efficiency he had seen during the day. You have to see a lot of things before you can draw a conclusion. Zhu Siqi thought to himself. Now he can't help here, and he doesn't want to do empty instructions by the already busy police, so after a while he feels as if he can't help, so he gently pulled Liu Ming and called Li Zhengyang to leave here together. When Zhu Siqi left, Guo Gang found it, but he saw that Zhu Siqi and others had gone out of the savings office, so he did not catch up with them to say hello, while Zhou Jianhua did not notice that Zhu Siqi and others had left at all. It was not until the criminal police team was ready to retreat that he remembered that Zhu had left here. I said what's the matter with you? Secretary Zhu didn't inform me when he left. Zhou Jianhua said to Guo Gang. I was too busy to notice. Guo who dared to tell Zhou Jianhua the truth and laughed. Let's call off the team and have a case meeting as soon as we get back to the station. Zhou Jianhua said. Apart from leaving several local police stations on duty overnight, all the others returned to the city Bureau. The case analysis meeting presided over by Zhou Jianhua in person was held in the large conference room of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. All the criminal police members present today participated, and all the leaders in the Bureau also entered the conference room. I think we all know the case that happened today. Such a major case has not happened in South China for a long time. I don't need to say more. You should also know how much attention the city will pay to this case. More importantly, Comrade Zhu Siqi, the newly appointed Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, came to the scene with me today, although he did not give instructions to solve the case within a time limit. But Secretary Zhang has called just now. This case has a great impact. He instructed our Bureau to solve the case as soon as possible. Next, I would like to invite Guo Gang to introduce the case. Zhou Jianhua said. Guo Gang briefly introduced the case,drive in racking system, but because there are not many rich clues now, he only knew that they had two long guns and one short gun. The long gun could be determined to be home-made, but it was said that the short gun was probably a standard pistol.


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