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But there are also very special circumstances, "big sand" is powerful, and stupid, thick skin, do not know the pain, often by the fishermen's random spears and thorns after bleeding, still do not die, broken cabin escape from the sea, the fishing net outside the ship is t

At this time, the head of the tall zombie in the height of 2.5 meters or so, eyes with a trace of flame like the "strange book" net "whole. Reason 'mention.. Supply Light, he raised his hands blankly, and suddenly the space between his palms was distorted, followed by two orange fires that suddenly came out of thin air. Roar ~ roar ~ roar ~ When the rest of the six zombies saw the two flames, they roared in horror and kept moving back, but they couldn't move. The zombie standing blankly in the middle of the bedroom looked at the two flames in his hands, and after a while, he unconsciously extinguished the flames. The bedroom was quiet again, but strangely, a tall zombie sat on the ground in the middle of the bedroom, with a blank face, while the rest of the six zombies were crowded together, not daring to make any noise. At this time, not only is the bedroom in the zombies in the strange picture, all the zombies in the world, in this night, there is a small part of the amazing changes, until the morning sun shines on the earth, human also do not know how much suffering will be ushered in. The next day, when it was still dawn, Chu Tianming, who was sleeping soundly, faintly heard the sound of footsteps. Suddenly, Chu Tianming,stainless steel tile edge trim, who had been sleeping with his eyes closed, sat up, moved quickly to the door, and listened. 'Tread ~ Tread ~ Tread' "Footsteps!"! Are those zombies? Chu Tianming guessed in his heart, at the same time his ears pressed against the wall, he dared not stick to the door, the fragile door could be smashed by zombies at any time. The footsteps are very chaotic, which also shows that there is more than one zombie coming up. After a while, footsteps began to come this way. That's when. 'Bang ~ ' There was a sound of a board being knocked, followed by the sound of some boards falling to the ground. The sound continued for a long time,stainless steel tile trim, and then it was quiet again. After a while, the sound of footsteps appeared again, and then there was a sound of smashing the door. No, these zombies are smashing the door, it seems that they did evolve again last night! Thinking of this, Chu Tianming immediately returned to the bed and picked up his watermelon knife, then quickly walked to the door and opened the door. The narrow space in the dormitory is not dominant for Chu Tianming, and there will be some trouble in fighting, and although the corridor is not wide, it is long enough for Chu Tianming to have enough space to dodge and move. One foot out of the bedroom, Chu Tianming immediately found three zombies are smashing the door, the appearance of the three zombies with the previous two days have obvious changes, the first point is that some of their incomplete parts began to grow almost, but there are some broken hands and feet, have not yet recovered, on the whole, it does not look as terrible as the first day. Chu Tianming found three zombies at the same time, the three zombies also found Chu Tianming, stainless tile trim ,stainless steel tile edging, immediately, the three zombies did not hesitate to give up the action of continuing to smash the door, directly toward Chu Tianming ran over. Very fast, absolutely faster than the speed of ordinary people! Seeing the speed of the three zombies running, Chu Tianming's pupils shrank. Sure enough, after a night of change, these zombies have been evolved, now it seems that their overall quality, has exceeded an ordinary adult! Looking at the three zombies swooping over, Chu Tianming immediately kicked out, his body jumped directly high, his empty left hand grabbed a steel pipe used to hang clothes in the corridor, his body shook, directly escaped the attack of the three zombies, and appeared behind them. Die! In the hands of a watermelon knife sweep, the blade quickly cut in the neck of one of the zombies. 'Poof ~ ' A cloth was torn open general voice sounded, Chu Tianming this knife unexpectedly failed to cut off the head of the zombie. Eyes a Rin, the right hand directly pulled out the watermelon knife embedded in the neck of this zombie, looked at the edge of the blade, Chu Tianming immediately frowned. The next moment, three zombies directly turned to Chu Tianming, and Chu Tianming is an instant three feet kick out, eight times the strength of ordinary people instant outbreak, directly kicked the three zombies back again and again, until back three or four meters later, this just stabilized the body. "Ha!" With a drink, the right foot kicked the ground, the body instantly crossed the distance of three or four meters, at the same time, a side kick of the left foot, after turning around, a sweep of the right foot, directly kicked out the head of the zombie who had been cut by himself. 'Peng' Lost the head of the zombie fell to the ground, and easy pool is the remaining potential, in the twinkling of an eye, feet repeatedly kicked out, directly kicked the other two zombies back again and again. 'Boom ~ Peng ~ ' Chu Tianming's right leg is like a dragon, the dragon's head hit hard on the head of a zombie, immediately in front of the head of the zombie sunken inward, then, Chu Tianming left foot again a flying kick, directly another attempt to attack Chu Tianming's zombie kick fly. In the hands of a flash of knife light, watermelon knife with Chu Tianming huge strength, directly from top to bottom split in the face of the zombie. 'Poof ~ ' A spin, Chu Tianming again out of the foot, right foot directly in the chest of the zombie, once again the zombie severely kicked out, directly installed on the wall at the end of the corridor. 'Peng' Zombie fell to the ground, Chu Tianming was standing, looking at the only zombie left, with the detection. Creature Name: Zombie Level: 2 Gender: Male Physical condition: Death Cell viability: 2 Cell strength: 3 Nerve response: 2 Mental strength: 0 Overall rating: Level 2 organism Possess Skill: Virus Contagion (If you are hit by this creature, you will be infected with the virus and have a great chance to become a zombie. "Sure enough, it's upgraded!" Looking at the attributes of level 2 zombies, Chu Tianming looked again at the watermelon knife in his hand, immediately frowned and shook his head, feeling helpless. Cell strength reached 3, and it was very difficult for my watermelon knife to cut off their heads with one knife! Indeed,aluminium edge trim, the strength of 3 cells has reached three times that of ordinary human beings, such strength, an ordinary watermelon knife would not have done much harm at all.


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