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But there are also very special circumstances, "big sand" is powerful, and stupid, thick skin, do not know the pain, often by the fishermen's random spears and thorns after bleeding, still do not die, broken cabin escape from the sea, the fishing net outside the ship is t

But there are also very special circumstances, "big sand" is powerful, and stupid, thick skin, do not know the pain, often by the fishermen's random spears and thorns after bleeding, still do not die, broken cabin escape from the sea, the fishing net outside the ship is to prevent it from breaking free, we met this three-masted ship, the characteristics are very obvious, if you know the reason for the sea wolf, you will not die. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was a boat marked with a turtle to offer sacrifices to the Dragon King. Because there was no towing boat, and the towing boat could not come to this dangerous sea area, it was obvious that it had been put into the distant sea. Because the sea was calm in recent days and the weather was surprisingly good, it never sank and drifted to the vicinity of the coral spiral. Although the three-masted ship had leaked water, it never sank in the ups and downs of the swing, and it crashed into our ship again and again. Uncle Ming was not very reliable, but he had traveled all over the South China Sea,stainless steel edge trim, had rich experience in navigation, and had seen all kinds of strange things on the sea. When he saw the situation, he knew that it was not good. It was very likely that the "big sand" in the three-masted ship was not dead and broke the bottom of the ship. But because of its huge body, it was stuck in the bottom cabin. This kind of turtle is so powerful that it can cross the sea with mountains. It is not good at entering deep water. It must want to find something on the surface of the water to knock off the boat frame that can not be thrown off on its back. This is why it is haunted by the "Trident". Visibility in the sea fog is low, our ship also dare not drive fast, ready to let it hit a positive, although the trident on both sides of the copper armor protection,metal trim manufacturers, may not be able to guarantee nothing, the most deadly is that the blood ship attracted many sharks, once attracted the deep sea ichthyosaurus giant, it will be the movement of the sea and river, Uncle Ming has experienced such a thing, now think of it. As soon as I asked him at the moment, he told us the important situation at the moment. Because Dayongsha only appears in some archipelagic waters with special natural environment, the custom of marking and offering sacrifices to sea dragons is rare. Not to mention that Fatty and I have never heard of it, even Ruan Hei, the boatman, does not know about it. Only Uncle Ming has been doing desperate business in the distant ocean all the year round. Only maritime merchants who specialize in wild waves know something about it. But the fat man and I were doubtful about this. Seeing that the three-masted ship was about to enter the range from the dead angle of the water cannon, the fat man couldn't help asking Uncle Ming whether it was true or not? Are there really dragons in the sea? Is there still a shrimp soldier, a crab general and a bastard general playing with a sledgehammer in the Dragon Palace? Uncle Ming kept his eyes on the three-masted ship for fear of missing the opportunity to fire. He said to the fat man, "Are you making a mistake? Can a man who has seen the Dragon King still stand here and talk?"? If you want to know, aluminium tile trim profiles ,tile trim manufacturers, you have to swim down and see for yourself. If the blood ship doesn't sink, sooner or later it will bring up the big guys at the bottom of the sea. By that time, it will be too late. Although our ship is fast, we will not be able to escape. Hurry up Fire the gun. In the shouts of Uncle Ming, our ship and the three-masted blood ship entered a parallel attitude again. The distance between them was only about fifteen or sixteen meters. It was the best time to use the Jinpilu Water God Cannon. Because the range was too close, there was no need to consider the factors such as the advance of shelling and the parabolic impact point. Artillery can almost be used for direct fire. Jinpilu Water God Gun is an improved design of the old mobile naval gun and named after the Indian water God "Jinpilu". The reason for using the old small naval gun is that the so-called Shuishen gun is not a naval warfare weapon mainly for killing, but also plays a variety of roles in navigation. The old artillery shells are more convenient for modification, and can be manufactured and used for a variety of different purposes according to specific needs. The body of the cannon is close to the ancient "fontanel cannon", but the fontanel cannon is short and thick. It needs to fire at an angle of more than 45 degrees to shoot the enemy parabolically. In the old days in China, "fontanel" was commonly known as "tiger squat", also known as "frog thunder". It is named after its shape. In Japan and other countries, it is called "curved shooting". The firing principle of the Poseidon gun is close to that of the "fontanel gun", but the caliber is much smaller, the gun body is lengthened, and the firing angle can be lowered. Under the control of three well-trained gunners with tacit understanding, the loading and firing speed will be increased accordingly. The types of shells include shrapnel, with hollow chambers. It contains a lot of lead shot explosives. The structure in the chamber is special. There are front and rear parts, which can explode in the air. After the mother bomb explodes, the bullets are scattered in all directions, covering a very wide area. The bullets are filled with crushed bowlwort, which can cover a certain area of the sea surface. Bowlwort is an alien plant in the Indian Ocean, and its properties are generated and restrained. Every fish in the sea belongs to the whale salamander aquarium. Most of them are afraid of this kind of seaweed, which can force them to escape to the bottom of the sea temporarily when they encounter the situation that the fish capsizes the boat. In addition, the various shells of the "Jinpilu Water God Cannon" also include the flowering shells, which are also divided into two layers, and are made of copper and iron. After the shells are fired, they explode into fragments, which are very powerful. They are a kind of attack shells for bombarding reefs or buildings. In addition, there are solid steel shells, which have a solid center, are wrapped in steel, and penetrate walls. They are specially used to attack armored ships of sea bandits; Grape bullets, on the other hand, burst in the chamber, fly out of the chamber, and cannot reach far, and so on, too numerous to mention. Because of its many uses at sea, it is the patron saint of ships, so it is called Jinpilu. The British call it the Shaking Sea Gun. It was first invented by the British Navy and later widely used in Southeast Asia. I saw that the three-masted ship was shaking in the area covered by the Jinpilu Water God Cannon. Uncle Ming urged me to fire the cannon again and again. I asked Guchai to bring a shrapnel and fill it into the bore of the cannon. I used the thousand-mile sounding tube to keep Ruan Hei's speed as steady as possible. Then I waved my hand and sent out a signal. The fat man had already lit the fuse. A burst of white smoke, and the muzzle of the sea cannon flashed. In the smoke of gunpowder, the shell shot into the hull of the three-masted ship, and then heard the sound of the ball in the mother bomb, and with the explosion, the bowl of algae flew everywhere,aluminum tile edge trim, and the three-masted ship was full of bowl of broken algae inside and outside. I wanted to command the crowd to continue shelling, but the "Bo Luo Zao" really had a miraculous effect. The big sand under the blood boat was forced by it. Although it could not tolerate deep water, it could not escape into the sea for temporary shelter. Even the sharks on the sea that smelled fishy also fled one after another.


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