Sky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of Love

It's all right. Thank you for this young man. Uh Save each other. The scholar answered in a flurry. I didn't have the kindness to save you. "Yes.." Yes! It's a help. The scholar hurried to correct his mistake. It seems that Brother Tai is the first time to go

Chapter 206 1: [LG] Plain warmth (3) Len's little finger pointed to the cover of the information, which contained a general catalogue of kindergartens in the city, without a serial number. Gu Xiaoai counted, it is indeed 15 kindergartens, Len at a glance to know how many, the understanding of mathematics is really great, has exceeded the level of kindergarten children. Do you like numbers very much? Gu Xiaoai asked. Uh Len nodded. Mom will ask a math teacher to teach you math at home. You are still in kindergarten at ordinary times, okay? Gu Xiaoai said. If Len likes it, it shouldn't bother him. Yeah, okay. Len gave her a big smile. Why don't we go and see it now. Gu Xiaoai turned his head and looked at Li Jue Feng, only to see the big man drinking water alone in silence. You look more autistic than Len. Gu Xiaoai carefully clenched his sleeve, "let's go and have a look." "You still have me in your eyes?!" Li Juefeng glanced at her unhappily. As soon as the son sat over, the whole person immediately leaned over, when he was transparent! Can't she let her son sit in the middle?! "Of course." Gu Xiaoai was about to speak when he saw Li Juefeng stand up and pick up his cell phone and walk to one side. As for? Angry enough to go to the side to answer the phone?! It's really a headache to mediate their father-son relationship. Gu Xiaoai took the information and continued to ask Len about his preferences. The kindergartens on the information were bilingual, which was helpful to Len. Is this good? "Mmm." "What about this?" "Mmm." "Everything is good?" "Mmm." Len looked at Gu Xiaoai's face and said, "Mom is with me." "Kindergarten is a place where many children play and study together. With teachers accompanying you,ceramic igniter electrodes, Mom and Dad can't be there." Gu Xiaoai said, "but mom will pick you up after school, okay?" Hearing this, Len immediately lowered his eyes, his little face was obviously unhappy, and his two little hands twisted together again. Look at him like this,alumina c799, Gu Xiaoai heartache, but Len always has to adapt to the life of ordinary people, can not be like this all his life. "Why don't you go?!" A deep voice came from behind. Gu Xiaoai turned around, Li Juefeng leaned behind their sofa, staring down at her face, voice full of magnetism, "not to see the kindergarten?!" …… He's not angry? "All right, let's go!" Gu Xiaoai pulled Len to his feet with a smile and asked casually, "whose phone?" Li Juefeng's eyes flashed a dark light, "Wujiang's." Gu Xiaoai just nodded lightly, did not take the phone to heart, took Len's little hand and went upstairs to change his clothes. Li Juefeng looked at their figures, Kamado bbq grill ,ceramic bobbin heater, his eyes darkened little by little, and his five fingers clenched his cell phone. The weather is very good, the sun is warm, Gu Xiaoai this time to see the kindergarten as a family of three trip. Tong Ma followed them and took pictures for them all the way. Recently, the event of the heirs of the E. S consortium has caused a lot of hubbub, and some young female teachers have recognized Gu Xiaoai and Li Jue Feng. Gu Xiaoai has to spend more time asking them to keep secret. Chapter 206: [LG] Plain Warmth (4) Len refused to walk in the middle of them, only to walk on the right hand of Gu Xiaoai, holding her in his little hand, and refused to stand with Li Juefeng. Looking at a giant cartoon dinosaur upstairs in the kindergarten building, Len opened his mouth wide in amazement, with a beautiful little face with a rare rich expression. So after visiting about five kindergartens, Len was only interested in this Bell kindergarten with cartoon dinosaur pictures. After Li Juefeng asked people to quickly investigate the background and teachers of Bell Kindergarten, he signed up for Len in advance and wrote a check to donate a large sum of money to the kindergarten. At this time, there is still a period of time to leave school. Li Juefeng is very overbearing and requires Len's classmates to be chosen by him personally. Naturally, the kindergarten did not dare to offend him, saying that the list would be handed over at that time. Li Jue Feng is very concerned about Len, but not in the same direction as her, and Len does not understand Li Jue Feng's carefulness. …… Things in the kindergarten finally turned into Li Juefeng being busy alone. Gu Xiaoai personally went to buy three cups of milk tea, one cup for her mother, one cup for herself, and one cup. It's for Li Jue Feng. The security measures of the kindergarten are in charge. In addition, the security facilities here must be rebuilt and all of them should be done for me before the start of school. Li Juefeng ordered coldly to the phone, "Get out of here if you can't do it!" “……” Gu Xiaoai silently handed over the milk tea. Li Juefeng put down the phone and took the cheap milk tea on the street in her hand, drank it with a straw, and immediately tied his eyebrows. Things on the street are always so sweet! "It's been hard." Gu Xiaoai said with a smile. Don't know until now?! Li Juefeng looked at her disdainfully. Gu Xiaoai immediately walked ingratiatingly to his side, took his arm in one hand, leaned against him intimately, holding milk tea in his hand, and whispered, "I've always known." Li Juefeng lowered his eyes and glanced at her. Gu Xiaoai looks very happy, lips have been hanging a shallow smile, clean and clear. Not far away, Len is playing on the slide in the kindergarten accompanied by bodyguards. Len doesn't like the bodyguards helping him and pushes their hands away in displeasure. Len doesn't know how to play alone. He just walks up, down and up the stairs of the slide. Over and over again, I don't know how to slide down the other side. Gu Xiaoai stood close to Li Jue Feng, looking at Len playing wrong and having a lot of fun. She hoped for such a picture for a long time, and finally. Became a reality. There is nothing better than this. She likes this kind of insipid,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, likes this kind of life, if the whole life goes on like this, she will not be tired of it.


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