Canghai III-Phoenix Song _ txt Novel Paradise

The first was the English philosopher John Locke. He was born between 1632 and 1704, and his main work was Essay concerning human understanding, published in 1690. In his book, he tries to clarify two questions: First, where does our concept come from? Second Can we rely on the experience

Lu Chien didn't expect her to say this. She was in a daze and suddenly forgot. She stretched out her fingers and passed them over her ears. She lifted the strands of hair and stroked her hot cheeks and exquisite ears. Although she could not see at night, she could still outline the appearance of pear blossoms with rain in her heart through the "robbery". For a moment, Lu Chien's heart was full of tenderness and murmured, "Ah Qing, Ah Qing, you have been here for three years. So what. "" Yao Qing's body trembled slightly. She was so strong that even if she shed tears, she didn't want to cry out. But somehow, at this moment, feeling Lu Jian's warm hands and listening to his voice of concern, Yao Qing had no reason to be weak, suddenly her eyes were hot, her face was pressed into his arms, and she began to wail. In fact, this cry, not only for Lu Jian's experience, but also for her three years of loneliness, hardship, melancholy, misery, thousands of feelings, all poured out with tears. When Lu Chien saw that she was crying so sadly, he dared to be startled. "What's the matter, what's the matter.." he said repeatedly. Unexpectedly, every time he asked, Yao Qing's inner misery increased a little. Her birth mother was killed by the Rouge tiger, and she was accompanied by enemies for a long time, as if treading on thin ice. Over time, her joys and sorrows were all gathered into the depths of her heart, and occasionally revealed that there were more false than true. However, I do not know why, perhaps it is the injustice of previous lives, whenever landing on Lu Jian, she can not restrain her mood, this situation makes her confused and angry, so she pretends to be cold,endless pool swim spa, not to let him see his mind. Once upon a time, she also wanted to cut off the love, but the true nature of the truth, and how to give up. On that day, it was like a nightmare: the fire, the water ghost, and the father who was covered with flames, jumping and struggling. But wake up, home, family.. Everything disappeared, only the blue clouds and loess in front of us, and the indifferent face of the Western woman. Xianbi was always very cold to her, and she was full of hatred for Xianbi. On the long westward journey,jacuzzi manufacturers, the two of them did not say a word. Poisoned by water, she tossed and turned in bed, and her life was worse than death, but she did not groan, just because Xianbi was watching, in any case, she could not laugh. The journey was really long and long, with rivers and mountains, swamps and deserts, and finally came to a place called "West City". Xianbi is very annoying, but her mother is very good, not only detoxify the water poison, see her homeless, and let her do the land. Originally, the hatred in her heart was much less, but after all kinds of tragic changes, her personality was more solitary, never smiling, nor talkative. The girls of the same school all hated her, excluded her, ordered her around and bullied her in every way. She cut firewood, boiled water, cooked and washed clothes, just like a humble slave, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,hot tub wholesale, doing hard work day after day. She suffered silently, but secretly gritted her teeth, like a hibernating snake, hibernating in the depths of the mud, waiting for the next spring to warm up and the ice and snow to melt. The Kunlun Mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, the mountain wind is surprisingly strong, and the stars are surprisingly bright. She often sits alone on the top of the mountain, listening to the wind howling, looking at the stars, feeling the boundless loneliness. Sometimes, when she remembered the past, she found that she had been living in the dark night since her mother died. Despite her rich clothes and jade food, her arrogant father, the vicious Rouge tiger, and the slaves at the helm of the wind all made her breathless. Sometimes she felt that it was better to be dead than alive, and she had hung the white silk on the beam. It was only because of the moment of hanging that she thought of her mother's tragic death that she gave up the idea of suicide. Yes, I had a hard time until that day when Lu Chien appeared at the seaside and clapped his hands. His simplicity and kindness, she had never seen, and his poverty and rustic, but she was very disdainful, she never dreamed that she would like him, let alone move the idea. However, in the Kunlun Mountains, looking at the starlight, she suddenly found that in the boundless night, this silly young man was the only light, and with him, she would clap her hands and laugh, and would not stop talking. Every time she saw him improve his swordsmanship, she would be very happy, happier than herself. As long as he did not want to make progress, she would be angry, more angry than she could not practice well. However, it was absolutely impossible to let this poor and rustic teenager surpass herself. Three years is not long, not short, but she almost spent in the yearning for Lu Jian, in addition to thinking of him, she did not know what else to recall, the death of her parents, revenge, and the towering fire of Yao Village, everything is so gloomy, only a little bit of thinking about Lu Jian, she did not feel dead. So that day, when she met Lu Jian at the Cuiyun Tower, she almost cried out and hid in the corner for a long time afterwards. Still later, Lu Jian was injured by Zuo Feiqing. She ran around Nanjing with him in her arms, stealing or robbing him. She found all kinds of medicines, and did not avoid suspicion. She took off his clothes and trousers for him and treated him with her heart. Only then did she realize that she could not leave him. Only by accompanying him, looking at him, listening to him and listening to him laugh, could the distress in her heart be reduced and she would not feel lonely. Still later, she was caught by Zuo Feiqing, Lu Jian foolishly threw himself into a dead end, which made her almost crazy, shouting, looking for death, Zuo Feiqing had no choice but to lock her up. In the meditation room, she did not eat or drink, her heart was dead, she forgot the time and the hatred. She had thought that she would sit like this until she died, but she never thought that Lu Jian would come again. At that moment, she almost cried when she heard his cry. If, if Xianbi didn't come, if, if he didn't protect the bitch, she would throw herself into his arms and tell him her heart. Yes, she deliberately snubbed him, deliberately close to Shen Xiu, is to make him distressed, let him admit his mistake, let him beg himself. She broke his heart, but who knows, it was herself who was hurt more deeply. But it was absolutely forbidden for her to tolerate his faults. After leaving Miyagi, while the two armies were at war, she went out of the city and walked in the vast wilderness,hot tub spa manufacturers, but did not know where to go. She rode the stolen horse and ran round and round the city of Nanjing, but she didn't know why. It was not until she saw Lu Jian again that she realized that she was waiting for her, waiting for her to come out of the city.


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