Against the dragon road

The first was the English philosopher John Locke. He was born between 1632 and 1704, and his main work was Essay concerning human understanding, published in 1690. In his book, he tries to clarify two questions: First, where does our concept come from? Second Can we rely on the experience

The dozens of blood shadows, like ghosts, have turned into thousands of shadows in the air, and in the bloody light of the sky, they have launched a full-scale massacre against the attacking flame knights and superpowers! Yes, yes, it was a massacre! Of those light knights, the most powerful but middle-level light dragon knights are still much weaker than these ancient blood clans! As for those superpowers, not to mention, they do not even have the strength to resist these indescribably fast blood shadows. It is often a simple punch that can shatter a flame knight or superhuman into pieces, along with their armor or tight combat suits. The cold and evil blood can release the smell of blood, so that several kilometers around are shrouded in suffocating blood gas. Rinehart saw that something was wrong and immediately roared: "Two elders, go all out!" Now also did not care to conceal the fact that he had an artifact, Rinehart's hand suddenly appeared a blue transparent sword, the sword waved, the sky white ice crystals fell down. The strong power of the body like the tide poured into the lament of the frozen soul, the blue blade suddenly sent out a piercing sound, a trace of blue and purple cold light toward the rapid spread out around! The white ice crystals in the air were more dense, and the sky was covered with dark clouds, which covered the blue moon. Instead,whirlpool bathtub, there were countless white cold lights like fine rain, which sprinkled down from the clouds. Suddenly, Rinehart roared, "Farrow, be careful!" The sword in his hand had already been stabbed out fiercely. The blue blade pierced and disappeared directly into a black void, but the blade was so mysterious that it came out in front of Faro, Lisa and Lina, hundreds of meters away. With a buzz,jacuzzi swim spa, the sword shook, and a dozen layers of white and transparent, extremely thin ice walls flashed in front of Faro and them, just as a bloody figure grinned grimly and swooped toward Faro and them, throwing thousands of punches at them in a row! The deafening explosion sounded, the archaic blood clan's fist was blocked by the ice wall which looked extremely fragile, and the strong fist was all bounced back by the slightly shaking ice wall, and in the strength of the fist, there was already a biting chill. At the same time, the blue light is flourishing, Rinehart's whole body has appeared in front of Farrow along the space crack split by the sword, and more than a dozen standard thrusting movements have been directed at the ancient blood clan. The cold air froze the whole lake to the bottom. With the waving of the sword, a snowstorm rolled up out of thin air, a tornado roared up, outdoor hot tub ,outdoor whirlpool tub, and countless hard ice cubes were rolled in, turning into sharp ice picks, with an ugly sound of breaking the air, like countless ghosts chasing their lives, enveloping the ancient blood clan inside. The most powerful artifact of the divine court is not undeserved reputation, under a sword, has frozen the blood clan trembling all over, the body obviously appeared a thick layer of white ice. The light of the sword passed through his body, and even his internal organs and meridians were frozen solid, turning his whole body into a big ice cube. Lisa Lina shouted at the same time, two long swords suddenly thrust out, with a pure bright golden light, into the body of the blood clan. Two divine power in his body a shock, immediately let the blood clan on the body appeared numerous thin cracks. Then, with a long roar, Faro, who had been weak all the time, was enveloped in a blazing red flame and punched the body of the blood clan. The cold body was hit by the extremely hot fist, and the blood clan howled and exploded in the air, like a bomb explosion, pushing Rinehart back more than ten meters. With the death scream of the blood clan, the battlefield suddenly quieted down, and the ancient blood clans who were letting go of the slaughter suddenly gathered together, with ferocious faces, and they slowly approached Rinehart. Rinehart and several others slowly retreated, and the flame knights and superpowers gathered to guard Rinehart on their flanks, while slowly retreating to the rear. It was only a short three-minute contact battle. The Flame Knights of the Divine Court lost more than three hundred men, and those superpowers lost more than half of their men. They were already frightened and could not fight any more. Carefully counted, put aside the blood clan that was killed by himself, there were eighty-seven ancient blood clans at the scene. They don't seem to be as youthful as the common blood clans on the earth, with smooth and delicate skin. Instead, they are all old, with curses on their bare heads and lines on their faces that can kill at least a thousand bedbugs! Their backs were high and their skin was a little black, just like old zombies who had been buried 300 meters underground in formalin and stored for five thousand years! Looking at these horrible old blood clans in front of him, Rinehart suddenly had a flash of inspiration in his mind and remembered some fragmentary information recorded in the Shenting data. He snapped, "You are not the blood clan of the Dark Council on Earth. They have practiced a strange spell, and everyone is in a state of youth!"! You are, you are. An old blood clan walked out slowly, with a grim smile on his face, and said ferociously: "Yes, we are the subordinates of the highest Council of the blood clan.". I am a member of the Santa Fe family, which is a powerful warrior of the rank of Lord selected by other families. We managed to sneak into the earth and have been working secretly on the earth for hundreds of years, but it's strange how you can find our most important stronghold? We've been.. Very cautious! Yi Tianxing and his subordinates also crossed the lake and arrived at the island. Gently stroking the new jade pendant on his hand for a while, Yi Tianxing said softly, "Be careful?"? But under the joint investigation of the agents of the Military Intelligence Agency and our underground world,China spa factory, it seems that there is nothing we can't find. He laughed and said, "It's just that we thought this was the stronghold of the Dark Council, but we didn't think it was the territory of the Supreme Council of you alien monsters." 。


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