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The first was the English philosopher John Locke. He was born between 1632 and 1704, and his main work was Essay concerning human understanding, published in 1690. In his book, he tries to clarify two questions: First, where does our concept come from? Second Can we rely on the experience

"Well, my sister went to find her brother-in-law and stopped playing with me." Zou Fan said that he was afraid of being beaten and ran out. Lu Tian was too lazy to haggle with him and went back to his room to take a bath and sleep. She had a very strange dream, wearing a silk nightdress less than the knee, barefoot on the floor slowly to the bedside, suddenly, the sunny French window of the strong wind, she looked back, a tall man in a black suit like Satan came to him, holding a black whip in his bony hand, the man's mouth slowly raised a smile. Woman, how dare you run away when you make me angry? As soon as his voice fell, the slender and strong whip came to her as if it had eyes. Lu Tian was startled and woke up. It was sunny in the bedroom. She couldn't open her eyes. She couldn't tell whether it was a dream or a reality. She stared at the door of the bedroom and waited for a long time without seeing the man in her dream. It was already ten o'clock in the morning. Meng Jingdong's power is too strong. How can I dream of him? She said to herself, thinking of Meng Jingdong's lines in her dream, she couldn't help shivering, too bloody! —— Lu Tian stayed at home for two days on the weekend and returned to school on Sunday to bring a lot of meals cooked by his aunt to his three roommates, which was very popular. Lu Tian, Yu Ningxuan came to our dormitory yesterday to look for you,Chinese spa manufacturer, and we said you didn't come back. He Lianchen ate people with a soft mouth and reported the news to her firmly. What does she want with you? I've never seen her so aggressive. Isn't she a soft girl? Jiang Feifei is the most gossipy. Peng Yangyang is a simple reminder: "Yu Ningxuan is very angry, it is estimated that you will find trouble." "I have a bad debt with her, and I will have it later." Lu Tian did not tell the truth, only asked her roommates to unite to keep the pure land of the dormitory, otherwise she could only rent a house outside the school. Unfortunately, the original owner was short of money, except for living expenses and pocket money,whirlpool hot tub, the rest of the disposable income was basically zero. Jiang Feifei can't wait: "Take me to eat melons, and I'll cover for you!" Lu Tian promised to share the anecdotes in real time, and finally dealt with the roommate. Eh? How about Professor Lu's lecture on Friday? As soon as Lu Tian asked, Jiang Feifei patted her thigh and said with heartache, "Professor Lu fainted during his lecture and has been sent to the hospital." "Yes, we were all scared to death." He Lianchen regretted and worried: "The scene is not allowed to take photos. You don't know that Professor Lu's face is scary." "Someone in the circle of friends forwarded to pray for Professor Lu. Let's also turn around." Three girls quickly to forward, dynamic push to Lu Tian here, she roughly looked at, also for Professor Lu forwarded, handsome uncle continue to live is good ah. Municipal First People's Hospital Meng Jingdong got the news and drove to the ward in a hurry. Professor Lu just opened his eyes from his coma and saw his concerned expression and forced a smile: "Why are you here?" "Uncle, you are too brave. The doctor said you had to rest in the hospital. Why did you go to Dongda to give a lecture?" Meng Jingdong's voice was deep, his eyes were serious, outdoor whirlpool ,endless swimming pool, and there was no indifference. Professor Lu waved his hand and said, "It's nothing. If you have talked with the school, you should keep your promise. This is the last lecture." Aren't you very busy recently? If you are busy, go back. I have medical staff here. It doesn't matter. "Nothing. My parents don't trust you to be in the hospital by yourself." The old man of the Lu family is old, Professor Lu has no children, and he loves Meng Jingdong like a parent, so he should take care of one or two in front of the hospital bed. Jingdong, you. Professor Lu hesitated to speak. Meng Jingdong knew what he was asking, but remembering the man's instinct, he frowned and said vaguely, "She's fine. Don't worry about her taking care of her illness first." With a wry smile, Professor Lu had to nod and close his eyes. He still had a transfusion bottle on his hand and quickly fell asleep under the influence of the medicine. Meng Jingdong got up to raise the temperature of the air conditioner, went to the window to enjoy the scenery, thought for a moment and took out his mobile phone to send a message to his assistant. 'Did She ever contact you? ' Song Ci replied quickly: "Miss Lu didn't contact me. Do you need me to contact her?" Meng Jingdong quickly replied: "No need." —— Lu Tian sat in the classroom and sneezed loudly, attracting more than a dozen eyes of concern, and the next moment when she saw the teacher's concerned eyes, she suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart. "The sneezing girl, please stand up and answer my question just now." The original owner studied financial management like her, but she had graduated for a year and could not react to the knowledge points of her junior year. Fortunately, Peng Yangyang, who had few good words, came to the rescue in time. She said the answer and sat down smoothly. Lu Tian, don't you answer your cell phone? He Lianchen, sitting on her left, raised his head from the novel and asked curiously when he saw that her cell phone was always on. How to answer the phone in class, not to mention people you don't know. In fact, the caller was probably Gu's family. Four days had passed since the original owner made a scene at Ningxuan's engagement ceremony. Gu's DNA identification was sure to come out, so he came to her and contacted Tian Jing through her. He Lianchen asked casually and continued to read novels. Lu Tian was too bored to read books. She was ready to drift with the tide. She took out her mobile phone and thought about finding a way to make some money. She used to buy stocks and squeeze out her pocket money to buy some mosquito legs. She thought about it, gave up her struggle and chose to send a message to Tian Jing. Mom, can you lend me two hundred thousand? Tian Jing is probably idle, reply very quickly: "What to want money to do?" "Buy stocks and earn pocket money." "Prove that you are you." Lu Tian picked up his cell phone and quickly took a picture of himself with the front-facing camera. Tian Jing moves very quickly, less than five minutes, two hundred thousand hit Lu Tian card, and then there is a message: "If you can make money, your dividend from this year from the beginning of free disposal." Tian Jing has a company with good benefits. Before marriage, she and her husband agreed that 25% of the shares belonged to the original owner. When the original owner became an adult, the shares were transferred to her name, but the dividends have been kept by Tian Jing. Lu Tian replied happily, "Good." The author has something to say: I did all the stupid things that put the manuscript box without timing. Chapter 4 004 Lu Tian got the money to stay in the dormitory a lot of time, roommates are very strange,jacuzzi suppliers, the original owner usually do not like to stay in the dormitory, often go out to play with friends, now changed. Is it strange? 。 monalisa.com


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