Asters are in bloom

"Uncle Kim, you are still so funny. How can I be willing to leave you for ten years?" She misses the old days. Love to act like a spoiled child. How about Uncle Kim's proposal? Come and help me share my worries!

"Uncle Kim, you are still so funny. How can I be willing to leave you for ten years?" She misses the old days. Love to act like a spoiled child. How about Uncle Kim's proposal? Come and help me share my worries! It's hard for this little girl to teach people without pain. Li Ziyuan smiled frankly. To tell you the truth, I am the head of this company, and it is not easy to change jobs. Your company?! Jin Youyi opened his eyes wide in surprise. It's not easy! Xiaoyuan, this is a big enterprise. "Nothing, try hard!"! God loves a desperate fool! She did put a lot of effort into it. This is just a small business of the Carden family. The godfather treats her as his own daughter. Most of the property has been transferred to her name, and the other part is in the wait-and-see period, waiting for his son to grow up before adopting him. With her current assets beyond the reach of the past, it is more than enough to buy a few enterprises to play, even Huo's enterprises are hard to match. It's not what it used to be. She did it. But the price is painful. By the way, didn't your husband and children come back? Li Ziyuan Weiwei. Leng, a touch of pain quickly covered up. They are in Canada, where the environment is more suitable for children to grow up. It's better to have two children with a solitary grave than in Italy where the law and order is bad. That's fast. You're a mother. Jin Youyi can't help sighing that people can't help being old. Tired! Mom, this position is not good, and the little devil is very clever. They are her pride. Ok, when their school has a holiday, I specially charter a special plane to invite you to Canada to play,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, where the maple leaves are world-famous! Then they chatted about other things, and two or three hours passed unconsciously, until a young assistant in a black suit came in. Chancellor, it's time for your meeting on Capitol Hill. Jin Youyi waved his hand disappointedly, "I know, you prepare first,304 Stainless Steel Bar, and I'll go right away." Meeting, meeting, is not to fight together! "Girl!"! Stay for dinner tonight! Li Ziyuan straightened her clothes and put on her shoes. No, the company has something to do! "Not waiting for roses?" My daughter is looking forward to her! "Uncle Kim, I want you to keep my secret for the time being about my return to China and my actual identity." "Why?"? Haven't you let it go yet. That thing? He concealed the ending of the sentence. It has nothing to do with anyone else. I have to take care of my official business when I go back to China this time. When it's over, I'll go to see them naturally. She pretended to be generous. In fact, her heart is still frightened, has not yet adjusted their mentality, do not know how to face her closest friends. Fine! Anyway, I seldom meet these little girls, so I can't really report what I know. Just let them wait. Thanks, Uncle Kim. "You're welcome, mirror stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Xiaoyuan." The two men smiled at each other's politeness. The sky of Waishuangxi is clear blue, but Li Ziyuan's heart is melancholy dark blue. I'm sorry, sir, we don't have the person you're looking for. Several guards quickly stopped a man who forced his way in, and one of the guards immediately informed the security supervisor by internal telephone to deal with it. Then ask Alec Carton to come forward. I have something very important to ask. After being unable to find anyone in Taipei's major hotels for five days in a row, Huo Yu-chi changed his ways, found out the owners of rare cars in the country, and went to "visit" them one by one. He believed that there was always one person who was his target, so he rushed to the door to ask regardless of his status. When Aster left in a hurry, he always regretted that he had not seen her for the last time, and the reluctance in his heart could be described in a few words. The vice president is having a meeting upstairs. Please wait a moment. Dante, the head of security at Manvis, has been working in Taiwan for five years, and he has been impressed by most of the celebrities in the market, especially Huo Yuji's astonishing report rate, so he politely asked him to wait. At present, the company is developing the 2000 Rv new car will soon be launched, Huo's enterprise is one of the agents with excellent reputation, and may cooperate with the company in the promotion of this type of car. Therefore, he did not offend people, but asked Huo Yuji to wait patiently. Sitting for a long time, Huo Yuji, who could not bear to wait for a long time, planned to go directly upstairs. He pressed the number button of twenty-one in the elevator. Dante saw that he had no malice and followed him up. As soon as the elevator door opened, Huo Yuji was almost hit by a red-haired man rushing in, while Dante shouted respectfully. "The vice president planted well." "It's almost sore. Have you seen that irresponsible bitch, Carrera?" Annoying! He's not exactly desk jockey material. Yalei suspected that Carrera had deliberately punished him, giving him the huge company to worry about, and he did not know where to go to relax. Knowing that he was only interested in racing, he insisted on putting a vice president's crown on his head, dragging him from the world car race in Italy into the business competition field that he knew nothing about. If he said it, he would laugh his teeth off. He was afraid of a little oriental woman who was only 162 centimeters tall. It was really humiliating. Every time she doesn't need to say a word, as long as she looks at him coldly, the person who raises the white flag must be him. Vice President, this gentleman has something to see you. See?! Is he the Vitellian volcano of Italy? Feel free to visit anytime. Do you have an appointment? Yalei's tone was very impatient. I'm looking for someone. Huo Yuji was even more arrogant and spoke rudely. Looking for someone? Yalei's two reddish eyebrows floated slightly. Do I look like a shelter here? To find someone, you should go to a credit agency. Is it difficult for him to lose his Chinese attainments to an Italian? Five days ago, did you enter the country with a long-haired oriental woman? Boy, he caught the thief! Yalei looked him up and down. There is such a thing. "What is your relationship?" Chinese people are so impolite! Who gave you the right to come and question me? Shit, he's on fire! "This is very important to me." Huo Yuji softened his tone a little. "She is the housekeeper of my family,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and I call her sister," Yalei said, squinting her eyes. "You don't look like a brother and sister." Huo Yuji's preconceived belief is actually all conjecture.


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