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"Hasebe, that, um, is not like this," Xiaohua paused the video and called Hasebe, probably affected by the video, a little embarrassed to avoid Hasebe's eyes.

Qin Yiyi knew at a glance that it was the evil spirits of the Meng family. Uncle Meng used words to describe it as a peerless beauty, but it was so black inside that he always liked to see her make a fool of herself. Abnormal, Qin Yiyi gave him a supercilious look, I do not know if it poked Meng Shukang's laughing point, that fellow was so happy. Qin tidied up the next train of thought one by one, probably looked at, want to still pick oneself to want to take. He straightened up and walked on the table, carrying a small cloth bag in his hand at some point. Grandpa's wooden pistol. Pick it up. The old man is happy. Grandpa put the Kangxi dictionary, pick it up. Grandpa is satisfied. Grandpa Meng put the jade seal and picked it up. The old men all laughed. Mom put the paintbrush, pick it up. The women are happy. My uncle even put a big gold coin and picked it up. Everyone was surprised. The rest saw the little princess pick up things in an orderly and purposeful way and put them in a small bag, and no one knew what expression to make. Can only say, this child prodigy even catch week is different? When Qin finished picking out what she wanted, she had no time to guess who had prepared the strange combs, shovels, and so on. On the whole, the catch week is quite successful, the old men have achieved their goals, people have seen the prodigy's difference, and most importantly, her degree of favor. Qin Yiyi is also quite satisfied, not counting those gifts, the big gold coin in the bag alone is heavy enough. Only in addition to Meng Shichen small Zhengtai, looking at the baby with such a heavy thing, to the meal point can not eat,Magnesium Oxide powder, he felt very uncomfortable. As soon as the banquet began, I went to feed the baby. When Mr. Meng looked at his grandson like that, he knew that he was distressed. Sighed in the heart, the little princess only one year old to eat their own grandson to death, this will grow up in the future, will not be abducted but less a grandson ah. For the first time, the old man was depressed about his decision. First, the beautiful era of Lolita. 7. Study hard and make progress every day. Every day around Qin Yiyi these days,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, people found that the little baby seemed to be very spiritless, always listless. Most of the time, I just close my eyes and play with her and don't like to talk to her. This can be worried about the size of a family, Qin Laozi directly recruited a family doctor, Meng Shichen is not at ease to let Grandpa find a professional children's doctor. But no matter how the examination is no result, people say that Qin Yiyi is healthy, ruddy complexion, let alone sick. In fact, Qin Yiyi himself has explained many times, but the words she can use now are limited, and she can't tell them that she is not listless, nor does she love people, but has been thinking about things. If they don't believe it, it's better not to believe it. So can only let them toss about, as long as not too much, do not take medicine, do not have an injection, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Oxide price, after the examination they can rest assured, so as not to worry day by day for fear that she has any problems. She has some problems, but not physical problems, but "psychological problems". This "psychological problem" is not a psychological problem, but a matter of Qin's thinking day by day. It's not a big deal. This week is over. She has passed the powerless infancy. She's just thinking about what she should do next. From the point of view of grasping Zhou, Qin Yiyi has actually chosen almost all the industries. It's too early to talk about the future, but the future should start from this moment. Joining the army, entering politics, learning art, doing business and so on are all big frames, so what should I start first, or how can I not appear shocking, and how can I not suddenly let adults hire teachers for me. This problem seems very simple, but to do it, Qin Yiyi feels that there is still a lack of opportunity, so she is absent-minded these days because she always pays attention to seizing the first opportunity in her life. Qin Yiyi waited for this opportunity for half a month without seeing it, which made her gradually become impatient. She used to have a quick temper, and she was the master of every thought. This life not only did not improve, but because of too comfortable life, there is a growing trend. Qin Yiyi did not want to do this, but she could not help ah, the direct consequence of her upset is that everyone followed upset. Qin Laozi saw the baby's little heart pouting every day, and his heart was very sad. Ask the granddaughter also can not ask what, make the old man once thought that he was not at home during the day when someone bullied his little darling, from time to time come back to spot check. Fortunately, now the country is on the rise, the country is prosperous and the people are peaceful, and the politics is also very stable. Otherwise, we really suspect that even if there is a war now, the head of Qin will have to take time to come back from the battlefield to see his heart. Although the other elders are not as worried as Mr. Qin, but to see the baby I do not know why this period of time suddenly depressed, to see them do not kiss and hug, the heart is lost and worried. But this inspection has also been checked, every day there are Meng family boys who look at each other and say it's all right, they really don't know what to do. Can only see what strange and interesting things are brought back to offer treasures, want to blind cats touch dead mice. And every day with Qin Yiyi like conjoined twins Meng Shichen is worried bad, little baby every day do not know what to think, with his interaction is less, he is a cold temper do not know how to express feelings, can only be anxious around the baby every day, even sleep at night. Of course, he will not wait to die, every day also change the way to amuse the baby happy, in order to make the beauty smile. Qin Yiyi originally wanted to be less noticeable, but where did she know that she was now the vane of the capital. What kind of people are around her? She doesn't realize it. It doesn't mean that others don't pay attention to it. Originally Qin Yiyi is now the center of public opinion, and recently these people who have something to do with her are releasing low pressure every day so that everyone can hardly bear it. After inquiring, I heard that Chief Qin went home several times a day. Chief Meng found several famous children's doctors, and when their children heard what was interesting, they collected it. Isn't it obvious that it had something to do with the little princess. Here we secretly guess, don't be the little princess has any disease, if she really has a good or bad, the most unfortunate is not their subordinates. In the last half month,caustic calcined magnesite, there was a superstition in the capital, which was caused by these anxious people praying to God and worshipping Buddha everywhere, hoping that the little princess would be safe.

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