The whole world is at my feet.

But this halo is also facing a close fight. The halo above is the perfect leg, the halo below is the deformed skin and bone, and because it is blocked, the halo is now up and down.

But this halo is also facing a close fight. The halo above is the perfect leg, the halo below is the deformed skin and bone, and because it is blocked, the halo is now up and down. Wen Rujin watched indifferently as her thighs recovered perfectly for a while and then became thin and twisted for a while. If Caiyun hadn't been taken away, she would have been frightened to see his legs so fantastic. He sighed helplessly to the sky: "You fight, but take me to toss about." Yes, only the server has the power to change NPC settings directly from the root, but it is impossible for the server to allow BUGs that do not conform to the running program. The other thing that has this power is the self-consciousness of the world. After all, from another point of view, the world consciousness is the master of the world. It really should have such power. The world consciousness wants Wen Rujin to recover, but the server does not allow it, which is the control of the sovereignty of the world between them. Is bitter Wen Rujin, because of their first fight, take his legs as a battlefield. All right, stop talking. My leg hurts. Wen Rujin initially intended to heal himself in a way that conformed to the rules of the world. As an NPC, during his healing period, the data of his legs began to change slowly. Like normal human beings, he would be better if he took his time. But now it seems that the situation is very serious, and the plane consciousness of the world can't wait for Wen Rujin to start. I'll act. Why rush me so much? These legs, really, are getting uglier and uglier. They can't stand the destruction. Let him go. He's just a baby. The waterfall behind the unfeeling valley suddenly broke slowly from the middle to both sides, and a deep tunnel appeared in front of everyone. Chasing the moon gritted his teeth. After all, he couldn't help looking back at Caiyun: "Wait for me to come back." Before Caiyun had time to answer, he pulled the reins tightly after the moon. The horse neighed and raised its front hooves high. He pulled the horse vigorously and jumped up with exquisite riding skills. When he jumped into the tunnel behind the waterfall, he did not look back. The fast horse whipped away, followed by more than a dozen guards behind him. Chasing the moon, his eyes were firm, his thin lips were tight, and the speed of the horse was brought to the limit by him. Caiyun moved her throat, took one more look,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and then resolutely turned away. Taniguchi was a madman who disturbed people like flies. She still had a lot of things to do, and there was no time for love. At the same time, the headquarters of the game company, which has been monitoring all the situations, also found this situation. Supervisor, does this need to be reported? "What is it?" "Unfeeling Valley sent a pair of guards out of the valley secretly, but I don't know what they were going to do." The supervisor thought for a moment: "Qi Shao, the younger brother of BOSS, is ready to take the strategy of storm attack. The NPC of the unfeeling Valley Lord is so smart. He should have thought of something and went to ask for help. It doesn't matter. Anyway, these NPCs will not be the opponents of the players who have the top weapon bonus. Besides, we are entering the code that is beneficial to the players as a cover." The clerk could not bear it: "But in this case, our NPC will be killed and injured a lot, and the operation of the game itself is not good." What do you know? After the opening of the new world, the old world will be eliminated sooner or later. Do your work in peace! Consistent with the ideas of the employees of these monitoring departments, Qi Shao has entangled more than 18% of the players in Jianghu, akba boswellic acid ,jujube seed powder, hiding outside the Valley of Unfeeling, and is preparing to storm. Without a NPC chasing the moon, these bodyguards are not enough! "Shall we storm now?" "No, listen to my instructions," Qi Shao laughed, "later you pretend to know nothing, continue to'kill each other 'as before, paralyze these NPCs, wait for me to observe their most relaxed point, a command, then launch a strong attack." "This time, I do not believe that we have so many full level players, God level equipment together, but also can not kill a NPC!". " Everything is as Qi Shao expected, Caiyun NPC is still the same trick, asking them to kill each other, the last remaining person can enter the valley. The players smiled coldly in their hearts-play with you first, and then rape and kill, kill rape, whip countless corpses, and see what else you can be proud of! As a result, this group of arrogant and insufferably arrogant players began their own unintentional performance. Feel free to poke me, and I'll go down screaming, and I'll punch you, and you'll scream and pass out. Caiyun looked at her with an expressionless face, feeling as if they had pressed her IQ to the ground, rubbing and rubbing! Why so arrogant, who is the mantis, who is the yellow bird has not yet been decided. The arrogant players did not intend to perform for a long time. At the command of Qi Shao, all the players started to attack the guards of Taniguchi desperately with their big skills. There was a burst of colorful flying. But they were fast, and Caiyun was even faster: "Archers ready!" Her eyes were cold, and her raised arms fell without hesitation, as if she had a great weight. But the first short rain of swords, brush down a large number of players, blood over the entire valley mouth. The fight outside Taniguchi had nothing to do with Wen Rujin, and the guards running around the whole continent had nothing to do with him. He was alone, sitting in his own wheelchair, looking indifferently at the halo that had spread to his ankles, just a little bit, and the world consciousness was about to grab his code and control from the hands of the server. Wen Rujin is unusually calm all the way, as if everything has nothing to do with himself, he is an outsider from beginning to end. Holding his chin and looking at the waves of the lake, Wen Rujin said, "If you still have some strength, help my bodyguards. The distance between the whole continent is not small. When other super NPCs come, I'm afraid the cucumbers will be cold." The halo that was spreading down seemed to understand his words, paused slightly, and then the relaxation was frantically counterattacked. Hiss.. Watching his muscular calf turn into a withered and deformed leg in an instant,pumpkin seed extract, even Wen Rujin could not help but gasp, "Steady, you are steady!" 。


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