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"Sister?"? Oh, right! She's from this company, too. Jin Zhuoxu said, "that." Brother in the middle. Listening to Jin Zhuoxu's sudden intimate name, Jin Zaizhong suddenly became nervous.

"Sister?"? Oh, right! She's from this company, too. Jin Zhuoxu said, "that." Brother in the middle. Listening to Jin Zhuoxu's sudden intimate name, Jin Zaizhong suddenly became nervous. Could it be that this boy really had an idea about Zheng Xiuyan? You.. What do you want to say? Looking at some nervous Jin Zaizhong, Jin Zhuoxu said ingratiatingly: "That." Can you not tell Zheng Xiuyan about meeting me? 'What's The matter? Did you mess with her? Jin Zaizhong's tone cooled down, and the figure who had often been stunned recently came to mind. That's not.. It's just that I didn't say hello to them when I left school. I guess if she knew, I would be killed. Jin Zhuoxu did not notice the change in Jin's tone and explained pitifully. Oh "That's right." Hearing Kim Jae-jung's tone relaxed, Jung Yun-ho and the other three breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. If Kim Jae-jung fought with the other side, should he go up? "Don't say that!"! It's getting late! Shall we go to dinner together? Lee Min-hyuk saw the change of Kim Jae-jung's face and hurried out to smooth things over. That's a good idea! Jin Junxiu said excitedly. Do you want to treat? Shen Changmin looked at Jin Zhuoxu seriously asked,tannic acid astringent, according to the age, this question can only be asked by him. OK! It's my treat. There's a good barbecue nearby. Shall we try it? Jin Zhuoxu's briskness made the people of TVXQ have a much better impression of him, only Jin Zaizhong was still hesitating, "that training.." "Only when you are familiar with it can you cooperate better,naringenin price, right?" Jin Zhuoxu smiled, "eating is also work!" [Chapter 025 Weirdo] They were all young people. Jin Zhuoxu and TVXQ at the dinner table quickly became familiar with each other. Anna, Duane and Li Meiqi also talked happily with others in English mixed with one or two Korean sentences. Yunhao was curious about Duane's dancing strength and said that he must see it when he practiced formally, which made Duane blush. Zhuo Xu, are you really not considering becoming a singer? Jin Junxiu's question made several people present stop their chopsticks and look curiously at Jin Zhuoxu, waiting for his answer. I like the feeling on the stage very much! Kim's words made Lee Min-hyuk laugh. "But I don't like the feeling of standing on the stage alone. I want to work with my partners to help more people stand on the stage they desire!"! And Jin Zhuoxu looked at the people who were intrigued by his words and laughed. The Korean stage is a little small for me. "What an arrogant guy." Shen Changmin muttered and stuffed a piece of barbecue into his mouth. Now Jin Zaizhong was staring at Jin Zhuoxu in a daze. He touched Jin Zaizhong lightly. Shen Changmin asked carefully: "You are not frightened by this strange man's words.." "Weirdo." Jin Zaizhong finally repeated the words, "How many people like him can there be?" "Quite a few!" Lee Min-hyuk heard Kim Jae-jung's exclamation and said, "There are a group of strange people like him around him." "Are you one of them?" Hearing Kim Jae-jung's inquiry, fenugreek saponins ,ghana seed extract, Lee Min-hyuk laughed twice and said shyly, "I also want to.." I'm still working on it! ………… ………… After dinner, the two teams went home in a happy farewell. Kim Jae-jung was still thinking about Kim's words. Jung Yun-ho asked worriedly, "Are you all right?"? Go back and rest early, and start formal training tomorrow. "Oh.." It's all right! Kim looked at Zheng Yunhao with a smile. The younger brother, who is a few months younger than himself, has been taking care of his teammates seriously since he became captain. "I just think a little too much!" "Hello, senior." Walking to the door of the company, several people heard the greetings of several girls. Oh! It's Xiuyan, you guys! Yunho looked at Zheng Xiuyan and several other trainees and greeted them with a smile. "Xiuyan." Jin Zaizhong looked at Zheng Xiuyan, "before that Jin Zhuoxu." "What?" Zheng Xiuyan did not hear Jin Zaizhong's words and asked doubtfully. Oh, nothing, just a little curious about that kid you played with last time.. Remembering Jin Zhuoxu's instructions, Jin Zaizhong decided to help him hide it. Have you seen him? Zheng Xiuyan asked curiously, his friend is not a person with excessive curiosity, which Xiuyan is very clear. No I just remembered the boy's performance and was a little curious about the boy. What kind of person was he? "It's a handsome guy!" One side of Huang Meiying Hei Hei smiled. Staring at Huang Meiying, Zheng Xiuyan turned to Kim Jae-jung and said: "It's a strange person that people can't see through!" When Shen Changmin heard Zheng Xiuyan's comments, he couldn't help laughing out loud. Then all five boys smiled. It seems that he is really a strange man. Kim Jae-jung looked at Jeong Soo-yeon with a smile, "Girl!"! Practice well! Come out early! "Thank you for your words!" Zheng Xiuyan's cold tone made Kim wake up in the middle. Uh. That one Let's go first. Looking at the cold face of Zheng Xiuyan, Zheng Yunhao hurriedly took the other four people far away to avoid. "That.." Sister Xiuyan. Seeing that Zheng Xiuyan's face was not right, Huang Meiying and several girls carefully avoided one side. What are you doing! If I don't walk, no one can walk! Zheng Xiuyan looked at Huang Meiying and said angrily, turning around and walking to the dormitory. Whew. Jaejoong, why did you provoke that little tiger again? Walking in the corridor, Piao wiped his cold sweat with a sense of the world and complained. Uh. I didn't pay attention for a moment and forgot that she was also a strange person. Kim Jae-jung said with a helpless droop of his shoulders. There are so many strange people. Shen Changmin followed at the end,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, muttering in a low voice. ………… The next day, the preparation of mV began, and the team of "Dreamer Bar" began to cooperate with the s. M company to participate in the recording and dance practice of TVXQ.


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