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It was really difficult for Jin Dacheng to answer this, so he hesitated for a moment and then replied, "He doesn't know only the answer!"

It was really difficult for Jin Dacheng to answer this, so he hesitated for a moment and then replied, "He doesn't know only the answer!" "If he gets a handle," said Xiaolan, "how can he push it off?" "Tell him the truth," said Jin Dacheng. "What do you mean.." said Xiaolan. Jin Dacheng said, "I admit that I offered the silver, but I received it. But we've never met. I just follow the pigeon's letter. I don't know anything else." "What if he asks you why you disobeyed the chivalry of Jianghu and helped a tyrant to do evil?" Asked Xiaolan. "That's even simpler," said Jin Dacheng. "In order to maintain the Jiankang Escort Agency and the livelihood of hundreds of people, I had to do this. I believe he is a chivalrous man and can forgive his difficulties." Xiaolan said with a straight face, "I'm staying here for the time being in order to hide myself. Would you like to?" "If you can't get it," said Jin Dacheng, "then there's a reason why you don't want to." "It's not that simple," said Xiaolan. "You know my temperament. You must find some good tripods for me." When Jin Dacheng heard this, he looked embarrassed and did not answer for a long time. Xiaolan said, "I'm afraid it won't be too difficult for you to find a few good furnace tripods in Jinling, where there is gold powder in the Six Dynasties, with your chief escort's hands and eyes." Jin Dacheng said with a smile, "I didn't dare to disobey the order of the Great Hero Yulian. But if I, Jin Dacheng, want to do such a cheap thing, I'd rather die in the hands of the Great Hero than do it." Say,plastic laminated tube, that kind of mighty and unyielding heroic spirit, really touching. Seeing this, Xiaolan nodded her head in praise and said to herself, "This is the dividing line between good and evil. It seems that Jin Dacheng is an upright man." The two sides were silent for a long time. Xiaolan suddenly took off the Yulian bag on her back and put it on the bed. She went up and grabbed Jin Dacheng's arm and said, "Elder Jin, Li Xiaolan is disrespectful!" Jin Dacheng opened his tiger eyes and stared at him in a daze. He saw the look on Xiaolan's face. His face was full of righteousness. He was not a ferocious and sinister person. He sighed, "Are you really Li Xiaolan, the Jade Lotus Hero?" Xiaolan sat him down on the stool and said with a smile,pump tube, "old-timer, I am really Li Xiaolan!" When speaking, I will start from Sanxia Village in Weishan Lake and stop here. When Jin Dacheng heard this, he looked up to the sky and laughed and said, "Heaven has eyes. I, Jin Dacheng, have come out!" When Xiaolan asked about Daxia Yulian, Jin Dacheng sighed and said, "If this thief is not destroyed, it is really a great harm to mankind. As for his evil deeds, it is really too numerous to record. It will not be finished in eight or ten years." Xiaolan hurriedly explained that he knew so much about his evil deeds that he did not need to find out, but only knew his whereabouts. Jin Dacheng shook his head and said, "So far, I know where he is, but I haven't even seen him!" Confused, Xiaolan asked, plastic packaging tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, "How can I hand over the silver offered every month?" Jin Dacheng said, "In advance, he sent a letter with a white dove, indicating the time and place. We sent it according to his words. We don't know anything else." Xiaolan listened and said, "Oh.". "What's the matter?" Asked Jin Dacheng. Xiaolan will find the white dove after saying. Two people are said at this point, suddenly heard the sound of rapid knock on the door, Jin Dacheng face suddenly changed, both hands even shake, stop Xiaolan speech. The twenty-eighth chapter is unpredictable Jin Dacheng and Li Xiaolan were having a secret talk in the room. Suddenly, they heard the sound of knocking at the door. Jin Dacheng's face suddenly changed and he shook his hand to stop Xiaolan from speaking. Jin Dacheng hurried to catch up with him, turned the button and opened the secret door. Xiaolan glanced out, but saw that the bookkeeper was in a hurry. He handed over a piece of paper and stuffed it into Jin Dacheng's hand. He said softly, "It was delivered just now." The bookkeeper finished and turned away. Jin Dacheng, holding a note, closed the secret door and went to the table. "What's the matter?" Asked Xiaolan. Jin Dacheng sighed and said, "It's the man who pretends to be Yulian Daxia who plays tricks." Said, handed the note to Xiaolan. As soon as Xiaolan took a look, she saw the words on the note: "The person who pretends to be Yu has arrived in Jinling. I hope you can deal with it properly. If you find it, write the situation on the paper as soon as possible and put it on the roof ridge. I will take it by myself. You don't need to intervene in everything. I have a way to deal with it. Tomorrow in the third watch, I will prepare a beautiful woman and send her to the vicinity of Yuhuatai. Don't miss it!" The vermilion seal of one lotus and one sword is painted below, and the inscription is the words "Jade Lotus Hero Li Xiaolan". Xiaolan read the note, hate voice repeatedly said "hateful"! "What does it say?" Asked Jin Dacheng. Xiaolan handed over the note without saying a word and stared at the ceiling. Jin Dacheng took a look at the note and scolded angrily, "Shameless thief, I, Jin Dacheng, would rather destroy the Jiankang Escort Agency than do such a thing as abducting a woman." Xiaolan glanced at him and saw that Jin Dacheng was so angry that his eyebrows were all open. He seemed to be deliberately teasing. He said with a smile, "Elder, you are a person who has experienced accidents for a long time. Why don't you even know the truth of changing and adapting to the situation?" When Jin Dacheng heard this, he gazed at Xiaolan and said, "Do you want me to do such an unjust thing, Master Yulian?" Xiaolan shook her head and said, "The younger generation doesn't dare to think so, but it's necessary to adapt to the environment in Jianghu, especially for those who eat darts." With a look of displeasure on his face, Jin Dacheng said, "That's what Daxia Yulian says. There is morality and justice in Jianghu." Xiaolan replied, "The elder is too old. The world is different now." As he spoke, he hurriedly approached and attached himself to Jin Dacheng's ear. After talking like this for a while, he saw Jin Dacheng. He kept nodding and even said that he was right. When Jin Dacheng and Xiaolan had finished speaking, they asked, "Now it's hard to tell the true from the false. How can we tell the true from the false when we meet in the future, so that we don't have to reveal our tracks?" After a little meditation, Xiaolan said, "It's easy!"! Easy! Later we meet, no matter what appearance dress, the elder does not open a mouth first, the younger generation says sound first: 'Did the dart of big inside rise? The old-timer only shook his head and replied, 'No, there are too many difficulties!' So you can tell the true from the false! Jin Dacheng clapped his hands and said with a smile,empty lotion tubes, Good idea! That's a great idea! Much better than the secret language of Jianghu incision! Xiaolan walked out of the Jiankang Escort Agency proudly with the Lotus Sword on her back. Along the way, he deliberately slowed down his pace and pretended to be idle, keeping an eye out for suspicious-looking people. emptycosmetictubes.com


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