The goddess of battle

Ke Qiyao was even more puzzled when he saw her reaction like this. Isn't it crazy infatuation? Why is this expression now?

Ke Qiyao was even more puzzled when he saw her reaction like this. Isn't it crazy infatuation? Why is this expression now? But Ke's sarcastic tone made him frown. He took Ke Qibei's hand and went out to a certain part of the garden. Because everyone was concentrated in the living room, there was no one in the garden. Ke Qiyao said in an extremely disapproving tone, "Xiao Bei, I don't know what's wrong with you, but that was the holy bag just now.". If you were seen like that, I don't know what would happen to you? Ke Qibei grasped a word, and his tone was somewhat confused: "What is the holy bag?" Ke Qiyao had a headache and rubbed his temples helplessly. Xiao Bei, are you actually from another planet? "Know the catastrophe of almost genetic extinction experienced by 30XX human beings!"! Breeders appeared at that time, but when the breeders were breeding, they could not eat any food because they vomited too much, and almost aborted. Later, they made this food, but the breeders did not reject it, and finally saved the extinction of human genes. Later, in order to commemorate it, it was called the Holy Bag! If you can't eat, you can only eat Bean Paste Dumpling? Ke Qibei remembered a woman who had a fever of 40 degrees, heard a bean bag to eat,plastic pallet manufacturer, and sat up in a daze to take the bean bag and eat it. Zhang Doubao didn't think there was such a person besides you. Ke Qiyao covered his mouth in the middle of his speech: "Xiao Bei, how can you call the breeder by his name?" Chapter 20 under the birthday party. Ke Qibei was trying to find a quiet place to stay and digest the heavy news. Suddenly, she felt Ke Qiyao's body stiffened. She looked up at him. Ke Qiyao's expression was a little stiff at this time. Looking down his line of sight, a beautiful woman in a pink dress with a concave and convex figure seemed to be coming towards them. The beauty in pink walked up to the two of them. Her face was slightly pink. She didn't seem to notice that there was anyone else beside Ke Qiyao. She murmured in an almost infatuated tone: "Senior, you're here. I'm waiting for you." Ke Qiyao's body was more stiff. He tried to pull up the corners of his mouth. His tone was very stiff. He said, "Happy birthday, Alisa." Ke Qibei felt a push behind her,plastic pallet box, she could not help but take two steps forward, just in the middle of the two, Alisa finally woke up from the expression of obsession, eyes sank, not happy. Ke Qibei could feel that Ke Qiyao finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then he said, "Alisa, this is my female companion tonight." As soon as this word came out, Alisa's face turned blue. She pursed her lips and looked at Ke Qiyao first. Then her eyes swept around Ke Qibei several times. Finally, she returned to Ke Qiyao and said, "Senior, we agreed that you would come to my birthday party. I thought.." So I don't have a date yet. It's Alisa's birthday! Alisa while watching Ke Qiyao, plastic bulk containers ,heavy duty plastic pallet, while watching Ke Qibei hope she put forward to give up, after all, she is today's birthday girl, but Ke classmate a comfortable face standing there, she is entrusted, just when Ke Qiyao's female companion, the other is not her business. As time went by, Ke was still carefree and contented, while the opposite Alisa's face turned black. Alisa didn't expect that she had already put down her posture and asked for it, but the female companion brought by Ke Qiyao ignored her request for the birthday girl. Alisa recalled it carefully and found that there was no such person in the familiar family names, and she was even more disdainful. In this world where the strong are respected, ability is king. Can't her excellent genes of an aristocratic woman make a commoner yield? Alisa looked up with a confident smile and looked at Ke Qibei holding out his hand. "Hello, I'm Alisa.". Dalton. Nice to meet you "Oh." Classmate Ke was wandering in space just now. He felt as if someone was talking to her. He responded to her. It took him two seconds to react. It was just that the psychological changes of classmate Ke were never shown on her face. So in Alisa's eyes, classmate Ke was disdainful first, and then said in a flat way: Hello, my name is Ke Qibei. ” Angry women don't think very well, so Alisa doesn't seem to have the right association with the name Kochibei, wondering: Where did this skinny woman come from? Don't you know she's the daughter of the Dalton family? Then a robot came to the three of them. "Miss Alisa, your father asks you to go over and prepare to meet the guests." Alisa looked at the study on the second floor. Her father was standing upstairs. Alisa's eyes dropped. She refused the male companion her father had arranged for her, which had made her father unhappy. She gritted her teeth and asked again, "Senior, will you accompany me to preside over the next birthday ceremony?" Ke Qiyao's thin lips trembled for a moment, but she didn't open her mouth immediately. Alisa boasted that she was familiar with every expression of Ke Qiyao, so she didn't miss the shaking of Ke Qiyao at this time. When she was happy and ready to make persistent efforts, Ke, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said in a low voice almost to himself: "What is that?" Although her voice was very small, the nerves of both of them were tense. Later, when Ke Qiyao recalled, he said: "Her voice at that time, like the sound of heaven coming from the nine heavens, broke the magic spell that had been hanging over me for many years." At this time, Ke Qiyao seemed to wake up suddenly from a nightmare, took Ke Qibei's hand vigorously, and then said to Alisa: "Sorry, I have to accompany Xiao Bei to have a look." Without waiting for Alisa to reply, he turned around and held Ke and left. This is a technology that just came out last year, using ISHIFB super-energy quantum impact.. Two thousand words are omitted below. Ke Qiyao's eyes were dull, as if he was endorsing to introduce to Ke Qibei the unknown object that had just surprised her. Ke Qibei raised his arm and shook it laboriously in front of his eyes. Ke Qiyao continued to endorse as if he had not seen it. Ke Qibei sighed, "second brother, Alisa is here." This is to kill,wholesale plastic pallet, XX, the wolf is coming, sentence pattern.


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