Wolf totem

In the afternoon, the weather is getting more and more stuffy, heavy rain does not come, light rain is hopeless. Grasslands look forward to rain and fear rain, heavy rain, mosquitoes can not fly, but after the rain will give birth to more mosquitoes.

In the afternoon, the weather is getting more and more stuffy, heavy rain does not come, light rain is hopeless. Grasslands look forward to rain and fear rain, heavy rain, mosquitoes can not fly, but after the rain will give birth to more mosquitoes. More and more mosquitoes have sucked wolf blood, and their offspring are more wolf-like and aggressive. The Erlun Grassland had become a hell on earth, and Zhang Jiyuan was determined to go to hell and rushed into the meadow with the grassland horsemen. With Batu and Zhang Jiyuan, the old man Bilig drove the horses to the sandy land sixty or seventy miles southwest, where the grass was less hydrophobic and the mosquitoes were relatively few. The horses had a buffer zone of nearly 100 miles from the border, and the other three groups of horses in the brigade also moved quickly from their original station to the southwest sandy land according to Bilig's command and dispatch. The old man said to Zhang Jiyuan: The sandy land in the southwest used to be a good pasture on the Erlun Grassland. At that time, there were small rivers and water bubbles, and the pasture was strong and nutritious, which was the favorite of livestock. Cattle and sheep don't have to eat their bellies into big buckets, but they can also gain weight. The old man looked up to the sky and sighed, "It's only been a few years, and it looks like this. There's not even a dry ditch left in the river. It's all buried by the sand.". Zhang Jiyuan asked: How could it be like this? The old man pointed to the horses and said, "It was destroyed by the horses, but also by the people in the mainland." At that time, just after liberation, there were not many cars in the whole country, the army needed horses,plastic pallet crates, the inland needed horses for farming and transportation, the northeast also needed horses for logging and wood transportation, the whole country needed horses, where did the horses come from? Naturally, it will be like the Mongolian grassland. In order to produce more horses and better horses, Erlun Pasture had to take the best pasture to put horses according to the above orders. Mainlanders come to choose horses, test horses and buy horses, all in this grassland. People come and go, grass The racecourse is becoming a racecourse. Hundreds of years ago,plastic pallet price, which prince was willing to raise horses on this grassland. Over the past few years, there have been more horses, but this large grassland has become a yellow battlefield. Now there is only one advantage left in this big sandy land. There are few mosquitoes. When there is a big mosquito disaster, it is a good place for horses to hide from mosquitoes. However, Wu Liji has long ordered that no one can touch this sandy grassland until he can't live. He wanted to see how many years it would take for the sand to return to its original grassland. This year's disaster, the horses are unable to survive, Lao Wu also had to agree to the horses go in. Zhang Jiyuan said: Abba, now more and more cars and tractors are being built, and tanks are being used in war, and cavalry is no longer needed. In the future, there will be no need for so many horses. Will the grassland be better in a few years? The old man shook his head and said, "But more people and tractors are worse.". War preparedness is becoming more and more tense, and the formation of production and construction corps on the grasslands has been decided. A large number of people and tractors are about to enter the Erlun grassland. Zhang Jiyuan was so surprised that he could not speak for a long time, and half of his pride was suddenly released. He did not expect the rumored construction corps to come so quickly. The old man added, "In the past, the grasslands were most afraid of farmers, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet crates, hoes and burning wasteland, but now they are most afraid of tractors.". A few days ago, Lao Wu asked the old herdsmen of Erlun to write a letter to the autonomous region, asking them not to turn the Erlun pasture into a farm. Who doesn't know if it works? Bao Shungui was very happy these days. He said that it was too wasteful to let such a large piece of land idle and grow grass without crops. He had to use it sooner or later. Guang. Widely accumulate grain or something. Zhang Jiyuan secretly complained that in the era of tractors, the profound contradiction between the people living on grass and the people living on weeding was finally coming to an end, and the southeast farming wind would finally overwhelm the northwest nomadic wind, but in the end, the northwest yellow sand wind would cover the southeast.. In the dusk, four groups of horses drove into the Baiyingaobi sandy land, which was covered with wet sand for dozens of miles. On the sandy land, there were clumps of dry reeds, dry reeds, caltrops, wolfsbane, tumbleweeds, huihuicai and camel thorns growing in the east and west, tall and short, disorderly. The weeds were pulled up desperately in the rainy season, and the growth was frightening. There is no grassland scenery here, like a barren construction site in the mainland for many years. The old man Bilig said: "The prairie has only one life. Good grass is sealed by dense roots. When the grass roots are destroyed, it is the territory of the grass and sand.". The horses are getting deeper into the sand. Horses do not eat grass at night and are not fat, but there is not much grass for horses to eat here. But there are surprisingly few mosquitoes on the sand, after all, it can let the horse rest and let the mosquitoes draw less blood. Bao Shungui and Wu Liji came on horseback. The old man Bilig said to them, "This is the only way. Let the horses starve at night. When the dew falls before dawn, drive the horses to the meadow to graze. When the mosquitoes come up, drive the horses back.". You can't keep fat, but you can keep alive. Bao Shungui breathed a sigh of relief and said, "You two still have a lot of connections, and the horses finally have a way out.". I've been scared out of my mind these two days. Wu Liji still furrowed his brows and said, "I'm afraid the wolves are already here waiting for the horses. What people can think of, the wolves can't think of?"? Bao Shungui said, "I have given the horsemen more bullets. I am still worried that I can't find the wolf. It's better when the wolf comes.". Zhang Jiyuan accompanied the three leaders to climb the highest slope in the sand and observed everywhere. The old man Bilig also said worriedly: "The rain is heavy this year. These drought-resistant grass trees are so tall that the wolves are just hiding. It's hard to guard against them.". Bao Shungui said: We must make all the horsemen shout frequently, walk frequently, and use flashlights frequently. The old man said, "As long as you keep the horses from running around, you can deal with the wolf.". Two cabs followed. The horsemen set up two tents in Gaogang, buried pots, boiled tea and served mutton noodles. At night, the sandy land of Gaogang is moist and cool. The mosquitoes brought by the horses were also swept by the horsetail, causing more than half of the casualties. Without the supplement of new mosquitoes, the horses, tired for many days, finally calmed down. In the dim light of night, Mongolian horses are still like war horses in the field, their ears are turning vigilantly, and they are in a high state of combat readiness. Horses, like elite field troops, automatically lowered their food standards in case of disaster, not picky eaters, not anorexic,plastic pallet suppliers, chewing bitter and thorny weeds, and trying to fill their stomachs with bitter grass fibers that can sustain life. During his night patrol, Zhang Jiyuan found that some of the most ferocious girls and the famous horses of the horsemen had eaten their bellies round. binpallet.com


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