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The Top 5 Most Expensive products in OSRS Economy 2021

The expanding world of OSRS has a massive trading component and, for many, is among the major draws to the game. It is a matter of debate regarding the OSRS most expensive items that are accessible to you, how much are they worth and whether or not you can obtain them without having to spend your hard-earned gold. You must follow certain drop rates if you wish to see them drop. Some items may require you to join two items to get another. The good news is that every item found on the list can be acquired without the need to purchase them. The following are the five most expensive items found in OSRS and how to get these items.

These items are available in our OSRS Store. You can also buy OSRS Gold and get these items from the Grand Exchange.

What are the highest priced goods that are being offered on the Grand Exchange?

You can purchase and trade numerous items through the Grand Exchange. The Grand Exchange, which is an online trading platform that permits players to trade, purchase and sell items that are available in the game, might not be a familiar concept to many. The term is often abbreviated to GE The Grand Exchange offers eight trading slots for members and three trading slots to those playing the game for free.

The top 5 OSRS costliest items are listed below:

Twisted Bow Twisted Bow 1.07B gp

Elysian Spirit Shield 847.39Mgp

Elysian Sigil - 835.26M gp

Scythe of Vitur 740.83Mgp

3rd Age Bow 541.88M gp

How can you find the most expensive items from OSRS?

If you're searching for ways you can obtain the OSRS most expensive items there are ways that don't require you to spend the millions of gold in order to get them. The 3rd Age Bow is an item that you can obtain for free, even if you invest more than 500 million gp. If you're lucky you could get a reward from the elite and master Treasure Trails. You must get your hands on it, as it has the same attack speed and longbow distance as shortbows. It does require an XP level of 65 to use it, which is worthwhile to be aware of.

Moving on to the second most costly item on our list the Scythe of Vitur is also able to be obtained without spending an entire amount of gold. It is possible to obtain the sought-after Scythe within the Theatre of Blood, which is a large arena found in the castle of Ver Sinhaza. You will need to have Level 75 Strength or Attack to utilize the weapon.

The next item comes the Elysian Sigil, which similarly like the Spirit Shield, flirts with the 1B gp mark in terms of the amount it will cost. The two items are inextricably linked because they both are a major component of the other. The only thing you can be sure of is that it's going to set you back a lot of gold if you want to buy it. If this isn't an option but you are looking for the possibility of obtaining drops from the Corporal Beast. There isn't much chance of this however, as there is roughly a 1 out of 4000 chance of receiving the sigil from the drop.

The Elysian Spirit Shield, which is more than 1B gp than the previous version, is considered one the strongest shields that exist. It is the reason it's costly. The shield's stats are also crucial. The strength of the shield is due to it's Melee and Ranged stats which are superior to Spectra or Arcane shields. Additionally, it has the ability to mitigate the damage that is typical.

You will need the Elysian Sigil in order to make the shield. This will reduce the cost of buying it. Then, you can attach it to a Blessed Spirit Shield to create the Elysian Spirit Shield. To be able to use the shield you'll need 90 prayer and 85 Smithing. Alternately, Abbot Langley may make the shield for 150,000 GBP.

Finally, there is the Twisted Bow, which is the most expensive item in the game. Naturally, it's the strongest bow that is available in OSRS and that is why it has a high price. It is so strong because it doesn't work just like other bows. Instead of having a fixed output of damage it adjusts to the enemy you are facing. Therefore, the more formidable the adversary is and the stronger the enemy, the more damage it can dish out. It can do up to 90 damage with Dragon arrows. Additionally, you'll need level 99 Ranged ability to deal with that type of damage.

The Chambers of Xeric can be completed to avoid the high price of the Twisted Bow. However, it is only a 2.38 percent chance of the item being dropped. This of course is such as a small percentage, which is a bit of a risk of such a scarce item. It is worth investing in, especially if you are seeking to fight opponents with high levels of magic like Commander Zilyana.


These are the items that are most expensive items in OSRS and can be very difficult to obtain with the correct knowledge. It is important to know how to add each item into your inventory without paying the ridiculous amounts of gold needed. Although rare drops and rare items aren't uncommon but they can be obtained without spending lots of gold.

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