Different mesh numbers of porous ceramic filter
Different mesh numbers of porous ceramic filter Jul 08

Different mesh numbers of porous ceramic filter

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porous ceramic filter adopts a compact furnace body design. In the porous ceramic filter, a rotating nozzle is used to degas the molten aluminum, forming convection in the box, so that small bubbles can be fully diffused in the molten aluminum.

The contact surface between bubbles and molten aluminum is enlarged; at the same time, a sealed design is adopted to prevent secondary pollution caused by the entry of outside air and improve the degassing efficiency of the equipment.

Precise control

The work station degassing method is adopted. The aluminum liquid can maintain the temperature through electric heating during the working gap. The heating system adopts an immersion heating device with high heating efficiency. The silicon carbide heating element is used to control the temperature, with high-temperature control accuracy, and is easy to use.

Easy to operate

It adopts a one-key switch, the design is simple and easy to use, reduces the complexity of the system, and reduces the equipment maintenance cost. At the same time, the equipment design takes into account the different requirements of users for casting quality. The refined gas flow rate and the rotor speed are adjustable.

Easy maintenance

It is convenient for equipment maintenance and the convenience of rotor replacement. The rotating nozzle part and the heater part can be listed separately, and the upper cover can be lifted and rotated horizontally to maximize the convenience of maintenance operations.

Safe operation

The equipment has an interlocking mechanism to avoid injury caused by misoperation.

The use process of porous ceramic filter in a national aluminum melting and casting plant

1. Gas control cabinet: pressure 0.3Mpa; flow of each rotor: argon 0.5-4 Nm3/h, chlorine 0.010.05 Nm3/h.

2. Electric control cabinet: meet process requirements and realize various functions.

3. The air tightness inspection pressure of the air control cabinet is 0.4Mpa, there must be no leakage within 14 hours, and the system pressure is 0.4Mpa.

≥60% or 1xxx. 3Xxx series alloy after degassing[H]≤0.12mV100g aluminum

≥60% or 2xxx, 7xxx series alloy after degassing[H] ≤0.14ml/100g aluminum

≥60% or 5xxx series alloy after degassing【H】≤0.16ml/100g aluminum.

5. Amount of slagging:

1xxx.3xxX series alloy slagging capacity after degassing<4Kg/furnace

2xxx, 5xxx. The slagging capacity of 7xxx series alloys after degassing is less than 8Kg/furnace.

6. Box surface temperature rise: the average surface temperature of each temperature measurement point of the box in the static state is ≤80℃.

7. Heat preservation ability: The molten aluminum can be kept at 730-750℃ for a long time (including porous ceramic filter and filter box)

8. Heating rate under static state: ≥22℃/h.

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